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Pokémon is a name that every anime fan has heard. It has been a childhood favorite anime for many webs. Pokémon are known as Pocket Monsters in Japanese. Created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri, it has become one of the most famous franchises in the world. Pokémon as we know it was not an anime when it was first released. It was a game named Pocket Monsters: Red and Green. It was developed by Game Freak in 1996 under the supervision of the world-renowned Nintendo. Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, with estimated revenue of $110 billion since its release. Its video games are the fourth best-selling video game franchise with over one billion downloads.

The success of the video game series spawned an animated show by the same name. The anime has become the most successful video game-adapted series of all time. So far 24 seasons of the anime have been released. 1190 episodes have been broadcast in 20 seasons. Throughout each of its seasons, the show follows the story of Ash Ketchum and his Pokémon partner, Pikachu. They both go on a journey with their friends to catch more Pokemon and participate in tournaments.

The ongoing Pokemon show, Pokemon Master, follows Ash and Goh to become the Master of Pokemon and participate in Pokemon League tournaments. There are many types of Pokémon available. Fire, water, grass, lightning, poison, darkness, and more. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the weakest grass-type Pokémon. So let’s start.

13. Magnesium

The original form of Maganium is known as Chikorita. Chikoria can never learn a grass-type trick other than a razor leaf. Fans love Chikorita but are overwhelmed by its lack of development. As a result, it has become one of the weakest grass-type Pokémon. When Chikorita evolves into Meganium, her image doesn’t show much change. Although its defense is greatly increased, its offense is more or less the same. Its defense is 100, which is good. Meganium’s only abilities are Overgrow and Leaf Guard. These don’t help much in a fight.

Meganium Credits: Pokeflix

12. Gogot

Gogot is loved by many fans but it is definitely not in the top tier list. Its defense and speed are formidable which can make it vulnerable to enemy attacks. The only cool thing about this grass-type Pokémon is its special ability. It can increase defense but can only be activated on grassy terrain (another reduction). Gogot may have something to offer but there are other Grass-type Pokémon that may offer the same but in a better way.

weakest grass type pokemon


11. Gosiflaur

Gossyfloor well deserves to be on this list. With a speed rating stat of 10, this is one of the slowest Pokémon ever. Gossyfloor is typically used as a starting Pokemon, so it’s one of the weakest grass-type Pokemon out there.



10. Tertwig

Trutwig is somewhat in between being too bad or too good. Its attack and defense are surprisingly strong (both over 100). The tertwig evolves into a tortera that can attack well. You might then ask why it is on the list of most vulnerable grass types.



The answer is Ice-type Pokémon. Tertwig is very vulnerable to ice-type Pokemon. Snow types aren’t the only ones the tertwig is weak against. It is also weak against Fire-type Pokémon. Thus, there are not many scenarios where Tertwig can win against a stronger opponent.

9. Treeco

Treeco is probably the hottest take on this list. Many of you would debate his position on this list. Treeco is good, its development spatial is better. Trico is also present in Ash’s team in an anime. In addition to all these good points, the Treeco lacks special abilities. All Pokemon fans know how important a special ability is to defeating a strong character. The Treeco doesn’t have any nice special tricks that make it not so reliable.

weakest grass type pokemon


8. Skiploom

Another Grass-type Pokemon to offer in an area without, whether it’s defense, attack, or even presence. The appearance of the skyplum is one of the worst. It just looks like a green bubble with a yellow flower on its head. It sounds really funny.

To eliminate this evil Pokemon. Its growth is the jumpleaf almost similar to that of skiplum, with a few cotton shoots emerging from the head.

weakest grass type pokemon


7. Maractus

Maractus is an attacker. Its base special attack is at 106, which is decent. One of its many drawbacks is its speed. Its base speed is 60. Its special attack is its good thing. But that wouldn’t mean much. As soon as Maractus uses his special attack, he is sure to go down. Its weaknesses are typical grass-type weaknesses. These include poison, fire, ice, etc. In addition, Maractus relies heavily on the Sun to use his abilities. Thus, you cannot rely on Marectus at night. This is why Maractus is one of the weakest grass-type Pokémon.

weakest grass type pokemon


6. Sincere

This might be one of the weakest grass-type Pokémon ever. The speed of the lessons is 95 and the attack is good at 100. Well, these are the only 2 good things about this Pokemon. It has many weaknesses. A very strange one but a basic weakness of the saw is fighting. Yes, you read that right, fighting is one of its weaknesses. Pokemon are mostly meant for fighting. You can’t have a Pokemon in your inventory that is prone to the same thing that must be at least decent. If you still see this Pokemon as good, keep in mind that it only has a defense of 70.

weakest grass type pokemon


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5. Tropius

Tropius has never been a good pokemon, let alone a good grass-type. Its speed base is 51, defense base is 83. Another major drawback of this Pokemon is that it is a heavy one. Tropius’ abilities also depend heavily on the sun, like a lot of the Pokemon on this list. No one will want to use Tropius, when there are far better options than one can imagine. Maybe the only good thing about Tropius is that the banana growing on his chin isn’t so good again.

weakest grass type pokemon


4. Worm

This Pokemon is defensive by nature. As is the case with other grass-type Pokemon, it is very slow. Its base speed is only 36 while its HP is also very less at 60. A Pokemon with 60 hp is something no one on their team would want. Its abilities that are anticipation and overcoat are completely useless.

weakest grass type pokemon


3. Parasites

This pokemon is very strange. Its name just tells how bad it can be. This Pokemon is awesome both in looks and in stats. Its highest stat base attack is 95. While many Pokemon have their lowest stat of 95, Parasect manages this as their highest stat. The only thing to give an idea is its ability. It can be cured on its own with the use of dry skin. But after that, it’s only a matter of time before a Pokémon makes it out. Parasect is considered not only one of the weakest grass-type Pokémon, but one of the worst Pokémon ever.

weakest grass type pokemon

2. Cherim

Another grass-type Pokemon that requires sun. Even after being out in the sun, the only thing that’s (very rarely) better is its attack and defense. There is no reason to use Cherim. The Pokémon so far on this list may have at least one reason to be used by someone on their team. However, Cherry doesn’t give fans any reason to use it.

weakest grass type pokemon


1. Sunflora

At this point in time, I don’t even understand why Sunflora is a Pokemon. And, I’m pretty sure all Pokémon fans will agree with me. The only defense you can make with this strange looking Pokemon is the special attack which is 105. To make things worse, that 105 special attack is completely useless.

weakest grass type pokemon


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