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In this contemporary era, everyone knows and thinks that exercising is one of the best things to do to stay healthy. But how often do you really need to go to kickboxing classes, hit the gym, roll a yoga mat, or workout at home?

Maybe your son works out three times a week, while your brother plays tennis every weekend. Your wife goes for walks daily, and your daughter practices dance and yoga. And, you ride a bicycle sometimes, eventually taking fitness seriously.

Now is the time to put your good intentions into action and for that you need to set a fitness goal, while worrying about how often you should work out and how much exercise is enough. To achieve fitness goals that make you healthy and active if performed in proper manner and duration.

Because you are the only one who knows and can decide how much physical activity is best for your body.

Are you one of those 80% of Indians who have joined gym or committed to an exercise program several times and retreated after a few weeks because you had no idea which exercise is good for you? If yes, you are not alone.

There are a large number of people who indulge in mild to intense physical activities without consulting a doctor or fitness expert.

So here’s your guide to everything you could ever want from how much exercise is actually good for you that gives you certain health benefits and where to draw the line.

Why exercise?

There are five main reasons people choose to work out: work, health, entertainment, competition, or appearance.

Your need for exercise will vary depending on your motivation, where you’re starting out, and how quickly you want to reach your fitness objectives.

Your personal preferences, schedule, and the equipment you have all affect the type of exercise you choose.

No matter what your goals are, we’re here to help you figure out how often you should workout and how to develop the best fitness routine.

So read on and pay attention to the routine exercises given below.


Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health and well-being. If your goal is weight management, good mental health, good sleep, happiness, healthy digestion and increased life span, then walking is a must.

You will be happy to know that brisk walking means 100 steps per minute and can increase your cardiovascular fitness, and reduce your chances of developing. diabetesArthritis, cancer, and depression, to name a few.

In addition, walking strengthens your bones, burns your excess body fat, increases muscular endurance and improves your immunity.

It is advisable to walk briskly for at least half an hour a day regularly. And it is not recommended to exceed the time without consulting your doctor.


Cycling is an official sporting activity that helps your body stay healthy and active in many ways. If you want to increase strength in your legs, stamina, muscular endurance, joint health and immunity, look no further than cycling.

30 minutes of pedal cycling is optimal for achieving your fitness goals. Cycling is also a good option for people who have pain in their hips, back and knees.

In some studies of older cyclists, it has been observed that cycling builds muscle and Immunity young for years.

Do this energetic and exciting activity within the limits recommended by health experts for effective results.


Running is a strenuous exercise in itself so it is often recommended for short periods of time. If you want to make your heart healthy, have a good metabolism, have strong bones, an active brain and mood, and have an optimal body weight, then running is best.

15 minutes or at least 5 minutes of running is enough to achieve your fitness goals. For constant motivation, you can download some running apps to your phone that can ease you into running.

So, grab a good pair of running shoes and start today but remember to do it sparingly and push your limits to avoid any complications in future.


In recent times, a slew of physical, mental and spiritual exercises have taken a leap over other physical exercises such as yoga and Pilates in this modern world.

30 minutes of daily yoga can help you achieve your health goals such as increasing body balance, lower body flexibility, calmness, strength and reducing back pain, to name a few.

Choose moderate asanas among the simplest yoga asanas to allow your body to gradually adapt to more intense asanas over time.


Swimming is another sport activity that requires full body energy. Many women prefer swimming instead of running because swimming brings freshness to the body, relieving pressure on the joints.

It is difficult to warm up in the water even after vigorous exercise. Swimming is also good for lowering blood pressure, calming the mind, increasing appetite and increasing back, core and shoulder strength.

20 to 30 minutes of swimming is sufficient for a person looking for the above mentioned fitness goals. It is highly advisable to promise to go swimming at least thrice a week for effective and efficient results.

weight training

Weight loss is a very common goal for many individuals nowadays. You can achieve a healthy weight by choosing moderate exercise for health but for effective and better results, at least one hour should be spent on moderate exercise.

This may sound like a lot but remember that people are spending hours doing this and sometimes there can be major setbacks because they are not aware of how good exercise is for their body.

Excess fat is something that you cannot selectively remove from your thighs, stomach and butt. Don’t look for immediate results, in fact, indulge yourself in moderate to moderate physical activity as well as choose a healthy diet plan.

Note: Try to reduce calories and burn calories by doing interesting exercises without affecting your body, health and desires.

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final thoughts

Fortunately, for everyone trying to improve their overall health and wellness, a little bit of moderate exercise goes a long way. It elevates your mood and mood, lowers your stress levels, protects against diseases, and as a result, contributes to a sense of overall well-being.

Walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga and weight training are some of the common exercises that are often recommended by health experts, gym trainers, doctors, as well as dieticians.

Because these are the basic physical activities that people do most often but they do not know how and for how long they should do it.

Exercising for hours isn’t as effective, but doing it appropriately and at optimal times can change the way you think and live.

So think twice before starting or joining exercise. Learn about your body’s strengths and capabilities. Start with small to moderate exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

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