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Are you trying to select and copy text from a document or a website? You should probably know these 5 ways to select text faster so that you can work faster, better, and do more on your PC. Here are the 5 ways to select text faster on Windows 11 computer.

1) Make use of the SHIFT key

You usually select the text or line by using your mouse which you think might be easy and quick, but this method will show you how to select the text even faster than that. Tried using the SHIFT key while selecting the text? You can use the SHIFT key to select the text faster compared to without using it. For example, press and hold the SHIFT key and try to click on the line or paragraph start or end. The selection starts from where you have clicked on the line.

  • Press and hold the SHIFT key and clicking

2) Triple Click On A Sentence

Another faster way to select the text instantly is to triple-click on it, you can simply triple-click on a paragraph, a line, or a sentence and see the magic, the whole paragraph will be selected without having to do anything other than the triple-click, no keys pressed. From here, you can copy the text and use it.

Ways To Select Text Faster

3) Click Left Margin & Drag

There’s one more way that you can use to select the text, you can use the page margin and quickly copy the entire line. You may have to click and hold on the left margin of any web browser or document and then slowly drag the mouse. This will eventually select the lines until you drag and then from here, you can copy the selected text via the CTRL+C or right-click and Copy,

  • click and hold the left page margin drag upwards or downwards.

4) CTRL + SHIFT + Arrows

Another great method in our list of 5 ways to select text faster is the keyboard trick which doesn’t require a mouse at all (for selecting). Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + Arrows to do that, go to a document or a webpage and then press and hold the CTRL and SHIFT keys together and then while holding them, use the arrow keys to select the text on any side – left , right, up, or down.

  • press and hold CTRL+SHIFT and then use the arrow keys to select the text on whichever side you want.

Ways To Select Text Faster

5) Double Click On Word

The last thing on our list is the double-click method, what you can do is double-click and hold on the text which highlights the word that you have clicked, and then drag the mouse to select the words or lines. This method will quickly select the words instead of each letter.

  • Double click and hold and drag mouse.

Ways To Select Text Faster

Note: The above ways to select text faster are tested on browsers and text editors like Notepad and Microsoft Word on a Windows machine running Windows 11 Home, and we assume that it will mostly work in any other app or software and on other operating systems.

That’s all we know about selecting the texts. You can head to our How-To Guides section for more about Windows tips and tricks, here are some useful windows 11 tips and tricks foryou.

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