50+ Bewafa Shayari in Hindi | Birthday Wishes 2022

Bewafa Shayari: In today’s post this particular person has a special like. In this way they are born. This is the best way to read well this 50+ Shayari. Also with the help of these Shayari you can share your Feelings on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp etc.

new bewafa shayari

From your heart till today,

New Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

love in love
All the markets are gone
I lost my heart and only we
Became meritorious.

4 line bewafa shayari in hindi

I wish that wok this heart’s yearning,
Tolekh Yun Ruswa Navan,
He also thought of this absurdity,
Just to talk once.

Dard Bhari Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

Gum is the only sorrow in life
not happy,
That’s no one!!šŸ„€

Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

Was it unfaithful, were you or was my fate,

love bewafa shayari in hindi

of love in this world
fate is changing,
shush it’s fine
Photos change.

Dard Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

Vayan so all are
Lifetime with no one,
Do not hide the address of your phone.

Mohabbat Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

we have fallen in love
like mumā€¦
If still that vote is unfaithful then
Phone Wafa to…

Dard Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

shadows of sorrow
dude ki ruswaiyan
wow love your pain
and terry statistic.

bewafa shayari for boy

sad bewafa shayari for boy

delicious to eat
Right intersection.

bewafa shayari for boy

of the field
So the stories
everyone here too

two line bewafa shayari for boy

building up to an age,
Even then.

bewafa shayari status for boy

The person who posted knew that!
like because

4 line bewafa shayari for boy

joker to someone
Sumani make someone yours,
Eyes stormy.

bewafa shayari for lover

it was my duty
share who is voting
He listened to the words of the people unfaithful
Because of the dreams of the poor.

sad bewafa shayari for boy

Lord do not hate anyone,
If you do, do not part it till doom,
In no one dies of this disease,
I don’t even know in loneliness.

bewafa shayari for boy for whatsapp

have fun writing
Even of the love of others,
whatever you want
What else will that happen?

facebook bewafa shayari for boy

heart is against wafa
still love you heart
talk about now
The heart is now full of dimes.

bewafa shayari for girl

bewafa shayari for girl

completely on the environment
How to fix problems.

Bewafa Shayari Status For Girl

We also agree to get married in the family,
The flag was hoisted today.

two line bewafa shayari for girl

It is imperative… that there are compulsions…
Do not separate yourself from unfaithful words in clean words.

Hindi Bewafa Shayari for Girls

It’s about the season of love
hearts to be broken,
be your thing
Run people.

Dil Bewafa Shayari for Girl

Broken by the sound of this heart,
When he finds out that someone else.

Bewafa Shayari for Girl in Hindi

not asking
T sitam kar le hasrat jahan hai
Wafa’s hope will prevail

Bewafa Shayari Status For Girl

actually someone said
learn to live in isolation
love love is true
is together.

bewafa shayari for girl

Your fills in alerts
be careful with every
Murder is like one
Everyone dies in hard work.

Dard Bewafa Shayari for Girl

yes any
three million angry but see once
If someone is broken then leave.

bewafa shayari for girl

on the shoulders of the face
Armaan was wrapped in a shroud
happiness with marriage
Wafa went to the crematorium in his mind.

Hindi Bewafa Shayari Text

In fact,
He is fond of making me cry now,
flood protection products
Waiting now I go.

We to our dear,
even in the city
At Stop Didi Manch,
They are lost, they were.

Till the tales,
these swans
In subtle waves till we cry,
Arzoo did this again and again,
Some poems are as follows.

had only one wish for life
mail forward to yours
lives in it,
i still have eyes
in the diversity of the world,
Still waiting for eyes
To come

to survive,
The leaf extinguished is doing its investigation,
Sleep disease.

in our hearts
We talk about
We are unfaithful to the crisis.

That night of pain,
On that day,
rising nature
What will be the relationship of each other’s marriage.

everyone dies,
They come kayna aaye hum hum kair ka r ka ka
My friend’s promise is false,
We are ready to accept the truth.

Arzoo, anyone
Moments are you


what do you know love someone
extraordinarily difficult,
wandering around
with insults.

Write your list in the world,
Terna as Ratna Shayra
Must go once
About you lunch.

Be a little false account,
I have lost
Heart broken and game broken,
Completion and Pay.

cry from heart
just be kind to someone
He doesn’t give a moment of his love,
And we robbed forever.

Every work for the swan,
Also known as Board,
before my death
Hence life.

The outcome of Ulfat is dastor,
remotely delete,
Heart breaks and breaks like this,
Like a performance of an orgasm.

O Bewafa don’t be the bakers of heart in infidelity,
If you say then say no
If you are unfaithful, do some kind of blessing,
That after that there is no love for anyone.

in the storm
And because of nerve damage,
Taunts when they are loyal.

Hindi Bewafa Shayari Status

There was only one person in me,
fate scene my
He is also mean unfaithful.

no one regrets leaving,
Just who believed in himself.

In such a whisper, walking in such a crowd,
Which lava said that?

always beware of me,
If you can, say it better.

How can I say bad to fit,
specially used

Vaba is neither kapabata nor r being any r and r and even being

I like people like this
And speak a sly who was a sly for me.

ļø done
There was a change in Wafa’s behavior.

From strategy to loyalty,
In our luck,
Some people got tired.

cry from heart
Just like any of us,
He should not give a moment of his love,
And we robbed forever.

Your love has imagined so much that,
no good deed after that,
Do with this payment,
Let no one be unfaithful after you.

even animosity
Disposal error.

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