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If you love go-karting, you’ll know that one downside is the unpleasant smell of fuel in the arena, as most go-karts are motorized. However, at 9.81 Park Jejubreathe in fresh air while taking in the serene sights of Aewol Beach and Hallasan Mountain.

Race at the speed of Gravity (9.81m/s)!

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9.81 Park Jeju is cleverly named after the speed of gravity (9.81m/second). In addition, the park is specially designed for its courses for gravity racing. The motorless vehicles are powered solely by downhill acceleration. Hence, you should definitely include this eco-friendly activity in your Jeju itinerary.

9.81 Park Jeju
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Take your pick from the courses with varying characteristics and difficulty levels. Regardless of whether you’re racing solo or with friends or children, there’s a course for you.

Course and Vehicle Types

  • GR-E (Course 1 & 2): Standard course with a maximum speed of 30km/h, suitable for novice and intermediate racers
  • GR-D (Course 3): Beginner course with gentler curves, with 2-seater vehicles ideal for couples and families
  • GR-X (Course X): Master course with a maximum speed 60km/h with the 3.6-second booster function, only meant for expert racers with a Master License. Moreover, the vehicle is simulated to feel like an actual racing car with advanced steering.
9.81 Park Jeju
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What makes racing at 9.81 Park Jeju unique is that each vehicle uses GPS and ICT technology to record lap times, speed, acceleration and other related racing data straight to the park’s app. After racing, you’ll get to check your racing results via the app. Collect achievement badges for hitting speed goals too. Gravity racing is serious business at the park. There’s even a championship race for Master Gravity Racers, almost like actual racing. Although the app is in Korean, there is some English which makes it possible to see rankings and badges.

9.81 Park Jeju
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As much as fun is a huge factor at the park, safety is not compromised. The go-karts are designed to reduce the impact of any collisions with its side wheels. Besides that, only one driver is allowed on the track each time.


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Swing 360 degrees on a Heal Swing

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Other than gravity racing, the Heal Swing is another exhilarating activity to try. I’m sure as children, we all tried swinging as high as we could. Here, you’ll get to swing a full 360-degree round!

Indoor Activities

The fun doesn’t stop even when indoors. Apart from gravity racing, there’s plenty of other activities to try. Instructions in the park are available in both Korean and English, and the park at the staff can communicate in English as well.

VR Racing

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Can’t get enough of outdoor racing? Continue racing indoors with VR racing. The outdoor racing arena is brought to life with realistic graphics and VR technology. Challenge your friends in a two-player network match.

Laser Tag

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Engage in a laser gun battle with your friends. It’s a fast-paced, tactical team shooting game. Unlike paintball, laser tag won’t cause any bruising. At the end of the battle, check your hit rate and how many times you were shot.

Arcade Sports Games

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Next up, test your physical fitness ability at Sport Lab. At this indoor arcade with 15 sports games, shoot some hoops or bat a baseball against a virtual pitcher. There’s even a virtual skiing game, in addition to the perennial favorites like bowling and soccer.

Bumper Cars

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What sets Ringgo apart from other bumper car games is its futuristic appeal. Control your UFO-like car with a joystick instead of a steering wheel. While you won’t reach the speeds of the outdoor gravity tracks, it’s exciting trying to avoid the other cars.

Wind down and Relax

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For some peacefulness after the highly thrilling activities, head over to Space Zero. In this space, relax freely on the beanbags and floating chairs provided. Moreover, you can borrow an iPad or Nintendo console for free to play, or even have a cold glass of beer.

Lastly, before you leave, make sure to check out the other facilities. Get a cup of coffee brewed by a robot barista, snap a neoprint at the self-photo studio, or get small Jeju trinkets from the gift store.

9.81 Park Jeju

Address: 880-24 Cheondeok-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Opening Hours: Daily, 9am to 6.30pm
The operating hours of each activity vary.

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