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The AI ​​death prediction TikTok filter is the latest trend that has been grabbing everyone’s attention on the platform, but not everyone will want to join in.

TikTok has become a popular platform where people have discovered new trends and filmed themselves getting involved in viral challenges. After a successful period of people making the AI ​​painting, there is a new trend that is taking over.

Now, using somewhat similar features, people have been creating death prediction TikTok paintings.

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What is the AI ​​death prediction filter?

The AI ​​death prediction filter has become a new trend. In this bizarre trend, people have been using the AI ​​greenscreen filter on the platform and typing “my death” to see what picture pops up.

While some people have been calling it “art” and trying to interpret the image that appears, others are not too pleased with the idea behind it.

This trend follows the AI ​​painting one where people type in random names or phrases, such as the name of their significant other or their birthday to see what picture the AI ​​presents.

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Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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