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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wrong Every Time. Today I look forward to taking a trip back to Green Gables, and see how things go for Anne and her new friend, Diana. Her first voyage into the woods has already proved to be an exhilarating success, as Anne’s imagination and Diana’s knowledge of her own home were merged into an imaginary journey through their local trees and gleams. Takahata and Anne’s sentiments couldn’t be more appreciative; With those two as our guides, this adventure took a magical stint as inviting as any Ghibli film, showing how natural pairing human drama and magical realism are. Our own lives are not experienced in the way that might be captured by the eye of an unbiased camera; They are filled with emotional surges of discovery, hope and despair, making these fanciful embellishments more true to the human experience than clinical observation.

For this upcoming episode, the staff list for an episode of Anne seems to be on par, meaning it ranges from all-time medium luminaries to just excellent long-time cast members. Along with the usual pre-Ghibli crowd, we’ve got Seiji Okuda to handle storyboard duties, a man whose credits range from Sherlock the Hound and Heidi through more recent productions like Hitori Bochi and Pastel Memories. I’m sure there will be plenty to poke around in all sorts of directions, so let’s not waste a moment, and head to Green Gables!

episode 11

Man, it’s been an extremely stressful week on my professional backend, making it all the more joyful listening to the welcoming OP melody. Some OPs might match this in the context of the “It’s okay, you can calm down, we’re headed to Green Gables” style of appeal.

I know the current model of anime adaptations have very different priorities (ie Kadokawa being the light novel ad wing), but god I wish we were still getting adaptations of actual literature classics. Imagine routinely receiving shows that begin with a basic guarantee of literary script quality!

“Marilla’s sapphire brooch disappeared.” Alright Anne, time to put all those mystery novels I’m sure you’ve read to work!

“An entire summer was spent with Diana, until a certain day…” Oh wow, leave enough time there. This goes to show the literary origins of this story; Novels tend to be far more enthusiastic about moving through the story of one’s life than television shows, relying on their audience to understand that life consists of both fits of bustle and long stretches of persistent experience.

The conventions that run through adaptations also mean that literary adaptations tend to be the most ambitious in terms of narrative and thematic scale. Shows like Legend of the Galactic Heroes and From the New World are some of the most expansive and satisfying of all anime, and I’d love to see more such novels adapted into animation. Can you imagine an anime adaptation of One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Also love this opening shot using these apple trees to describe the passage of time. Green Gables itself remains a major, vibrant character in this production.

Extremely marvelous moment, feeling Anne is back as she screams some nonsensical song from over the hills

Ah, it’s so lovely to see how Anne settled into this house. When she sits next to Matthew, one of the cats jumps onto her lap, and Matthew himself seems more comfortable chatting with Anne, suggesting a table for Idlewild before she can even mention it. gives.

They’re Both Laughing And Despising And Marilla Won’t Stand For It

Anne’s breathless update on a church picnic indicates that she has also found a place within the city’s larger community. It is hard to imagine that she ultimately failed to win over the village children.

“I want to know why you didn’t listen to me.” “Well, I tried to do as much as I could. But you have no idea how charming Idlewild can be.” Look, it’s actually not her fault at all, Marilla

“Matthew is such a sympathetic listener.” really he is

Marilla lets him talk hard, but still allows them to go on a picnic. There’s Even So Much For Marilla That She Can’t Deny This Girl

“Ah, you dear good Marilla! Ah, you are so kind to me!” Ahaha, thanks and apologies to Anne are always so enjoyable. Marilla is troubling Mathieu-Tear with all this affection; Neither of the siblings is particularly good at dealing with it

Marilla says she plans to teach Anne to cook, but waits for Anne to start. can’t really blame him there

“I could not bear the disappointment if anything happened to stop me from going on a picnic. I think I will live through this, but I am sure it will be the sadness of a lifetime. Anne certainly lives an apocalyptic theatrical life

“Diana tried to explain what it was like, but I think ice cream is one of those things that is beyond imagination.” Her character voice is just so distinctive and endearing – this mix of polite, formal speech patterns and outright bombastic declarations

Green Gables is a completely different tone from its usual mode of Soaking in the Rain, with gloomy grays and blues matching Anne’s lower spirits.

After hearing the formal announcement of the picnic in the church, Anne claps her hands together and begins to vibrate intensely. It is clear that his entire future happiness depends on the fate of this picnic.

I certainly don’t lament the declining influence of religion in the public realm, but it’s interesting to see the role of the church in this city, transforming an isolated farm set into a real community. Church and secular community involvement has dwindled over time, we have developed an increasingly isolated type of culture, and I don’t think an internet group of like-minded enthusiasts is a proper replacement.

“I don’t think I ever really believed until then that there would actually be a picnic.” It’s true, it was a very fanciful idea

“You set your heart on things too much, Anne. There will be many disappointments for you throughout your life.” Wise words from Marilla, though Anne can’t quite change her nature

“To look forward to things is half their joy.” Although I really agree with Anne’s counterargument. Many things in life happen in our dreams for the best that they potentially could yes, rather than what they eventually become

And finally, Anne notices Marilla’s sapphire brooch.

Anne admitted that amethyst is what she had always imagined a diamond would be like, and thus she cried when she first saw a real diamond. Well, one has the advantage and disadvantage of his frequent heartbeat

And then she searches for the brooch again, alone at home. Don’t do that, Anne!

The artists did a fairly good job of depicting how light passes through a gemstone in this way, effectively capturing the shimmer and shadows reflected on various aspects of the gem.

not anne! Leave in the brooch… Oh no Anne!

Anne tries her best when Marilla asks about the brooch I did nothing wrong face. She Looks As Guilty As Every Single Pup That Has Ever Tried This Facial

“That’s a good thing about me. I never do the same naughty thing twice.” oh god anne

“Go to your room until you’re ready to confess.” “Shall I take the peas with me?” “No, I will end the fire on them”

The moment Anne is out of the room, Marilla works to mentally forgive her, admitting that Anne made a mistake rather than knowingly lying.

She also admits that she cares far more about the fact that Anne lied to her and not the brooch. Despite its unfortunate substance, this whole adventure is ultimately serving as confirmation of how much Marilla now cares for Anne, and wants Anne to be the best version of herself that she can be.

Marilla’s relentless attempts to find the brooch in her room underscore her reluctance to believe that Anne would do something like this.

Matthew’s only input on the situation is to request that he not engage in punishing Anne. oh Matthew

“Anne vehemently refused to confess.” Anne and Marilla are both so stubborn in their own ways that their interactions provide almost infinite fuel for the drama.

And it is done

And now even the picnic is in danger! what happened For that blast brooch, Anne!? Was it really worth all this suffering?

Well, tragedy aside, it was actually quite a productive episode in terms of developing Anne and Marilla’s relationship. Between the time skip and the brooch issue, it’s clear to see how much Marilla cares about Anne now – if not, she won’t be nearly so anguished about Anne potentially cheating on him. In terms of visuals, it was more conservative than the show’s standard, with its domestic focus leaving little room for adventures like the previous episodes’ Woodland Adventures. But with Tomino returning for the next episode, I think the finale of this broach drama will be as visually appealing as Tomino’s. The last Sad contribution. I can’t wait to see it!

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