Arcade Heroes Newsbytes: 007 Pinball Leaks; Dave & Busters Expands Internationally; Al Kress Passing; More Games News

Welcome to Newsbytes, a curated look at arcade and pinball news from around the world and wrapped up in one post. It’s been a bit since we’ve had one of these, but I’ve been able to prepare for this post well enough.

BTW I will have some coverage at IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 soon. I couldn’t attend in person, but I have contact with a few people, so we’ll get it out sometime next week.

James Bond pinball photos leaked on the net

This should come as no surprise given the online age we live in, but here are some leaked photos of Stern’s next game. The “official” disclosure “in connection with the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” was canceled, as Stern planned to reveal the machine at the Electrocoin booth for the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022. There’s always someone “in” with the pinball scene though, so these popped up on places like Reddit, Pinside, and Facebook.

These may not be the last-minute pictures, but it makes it clear that it’s all based on Sean Connery’s Bond and no one else. This makes sense from a marketing standpoint – I’ve always seen Connery’s Bond top fan list (and the pinball market is out of date). I’ll run a separate post about it once the official announcement is made, but hopefully these will start shipping soon. First Pro, then Premium(IMHO it would look better ^ without Vishal Dr. There’s no logo over there, but maybe it’s just me)

Dave & Busters Announces Middle East Plans; Tasting Game and Go Food

We’ll start today with some stories from Dave & Busters.

Dave & Busters to open 11 units in KSA, UAE, Egypt

Meet Dave & Buster’s New, Futuristic Revenue Stream

To comment on the first story, opening just one location internationally is big news but D&B is going for 11 in three countries. This is being accomplished through franchising, so I think if it is successful, it will grow from there. I often hear that ME is a growth market for arcades and entertainment, places like Dubai have set the stage for this over the years. The DEAL show has also been going on for over a decade, where I hear positive comments from the producers present.

On another story, this is another interesting concept they’re experimenting with with Coca-Cola, where they essentially have a convenience store on site; You scan your card when you walk in and you’re charged after you leave based on what you bought. Very nice and as the title says, futuristic. It’s currently testing at a Hollywood, FL location where, if successful, it will be rolled out to their other stores.

New Promo for Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade

It’s faster but shares some player feedback:

Bateson’s Northwest Amusement Showcase Happening October 1

If you find yourself in the NW area of ​​the US and are into the arcade biz, Bateson has There’s a Pre-IAPA Show Coming That Will Preview Some New Stuff and educate operators through seminars. I imagine Fast & Furious will be arcade but you can also expect to see games from Endamiro USA, Bandai Namco Amusement, Coastal Amusement, Incredible Technologies and Relix.

While I wasn’t planning on this with IAAPA myself, for some reason my IAAPA press credentials were denied (hasn’t been a problem since I first moved there in 2009) so if I can’t solve it , so I think this showcase will be my IAAPA journey instead.

Industry icon Al Kress has died

Ripley magazine shared the sad news that Al Kress has died following complications of his fall home earlier this month. He is one of the few people in the industry who has done it all – he was an operator, a distributor and a manufacturer. the latter was Benchmark Games, which became part of the Elaut Group a few years back. I had the pleasure of chatting with Al several times over the years and he always had sharp insights.

You can read his obituary here, Ripley will also feature a special story about her life in their upcoming October issue (Al has appeared in Ripley several times over the years).

tear out

revolution x history

The Insert Coin doc posted some insightful videos for Midway’s Revolution X — if you enjoyed that game at all (or if you’re an Aerosmith fan), it’s got some good stuff:

fixing a broken lcd monitor

If you’ve experienced the backlight dying on one of your MacVision monitor games, hopefully this video will help:

Talking Tekken 8 for a Moment

As I mentioned when Street Fighter 6 was revealed, the Arcade Blog doesn’t have much to say about games that aren’t destined for actual arcade use. But of course the arcade is where many of these big games have won their fame, so it’s natural to expect some talk.

I’d like to have a livestream discussion on YouTube about fighters and modern arcades, why we don’t see the big names in the arcade scene anymore and such, which I hope to do sometime next week. Until then, here’s another Tekken you won’t see in American arcades (though I’m hearing there won’t be a JP arcade release either)

Speaking of fighters, there’s one on the console that’s probably headed to Japanese arcades called omen of sorrow, It’s a good looking 4-button fighter To be tested on Taito’s NesicaXLive 2 platform here soon. If it passes the test, it may be available at Round1USA locations it still has.


Andamiro’s Latest SpongeBob Redemption Game Is Now Shipping

There is an English page for Andamiro’s Chrono Circle Game – I would not expect this to be available to anyone other than Round1USA, unless it is in IAAPA

Bateson Opens a Massive New Distribution Center in Vegas

Modders Add NFL 2023 Player Roster to NFL Blitz of Midway – H/T to Retro Ralph on finding it

US adults are cutting entertainment spending – which means arcade, among other things. I’ve been seeing this happen for most of the year so it’s no surprise.

More Designs Added to the Arcade Heroes TipPublic Store

EVGA breaks up with nVidia and exits video card business – It’s a strange story and the same applies to arcades as they all use PC GPUs. Not sure how many arcade machines used EVGA. It’s strange to me that they wouldn’t even try to work with the likes of Intel or AMD.

[Console] gimmick! Coming to consoles, but not ExA-Arcadia Remaster

[Console] Ayanio hopes to have a Switch ‘n Steam deck killer on his hands

[Console] Operation Wolf Is Coming Back… But Not for the Arcade – When a game is first made for a console, don’t expect it to be the same as the arcade original

[Console] New Rise of the Triad game coming soon to PC

[Console] A Comprehensive (True) History of the Magnavox Odyssey

[Console] More Sega goodness comes to Switch

[Console] That One Big Sonic the Hedgehog Balloon

[Cool] AI-controlled Robot Play Go

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the next story

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