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In August, we played 36 Various board games from new releases to old classics. Here are our picks for the best games we’ve played in the past month.

Monthly recaps help you find out about all the games we’ve played in the past month, share our favorite games, plus some prizes at the end of the month. Not all of the games we play come on social media or blogs, so this is a fun way to show you what we’ve played behind the scenes and which games have made their mark.

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August games played

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Kelsey’s favorite sport: Hive

Hive is our surprise hit of the month. The night we learned it, we couldn’t stop playing this game. This two-player abstract game has a pleasant tactile experience with tactical strategy. We can’t wait to bring it with us when we visit family and friends,

Adam’s favorite game: warp edge

This bag-building game is excellent. Warp’s Edge is perfect for anyone looking for a single game that offers lots of variety and is quick to set up/play. With 16 different starting set-ups, as well as a choose-your-own-adventure booklet, this single game has high replayability.

we also got coin capsule To upgrade the spirit of the token. We 10/10 recommend this budget-friendly upgrade for anyone interested in the game. (you will need two packs for the edge of the warp)

Child’s favorite game: dragon reign

Our family loves Grandpa Bake Games, and his latest game was a hit with our kids again. They love the artwork of playing cards and the joy of playing a better hand than their parents. Kelsey and I love the exercise our kids are getting when making runs of numbers and thinking about how to use a card in multiple ways. I was worried it would be a bit much, but our 6, 8, and 10-year-old played well with limited coaching after the first two rounds.

you can use my code Kelsey15 When to Save 15% on All Grandpa Beck’s Games Order from their website.

month end award

Best game added to the collection: explorer

Explorers is an exploration race game by Phil Walker Harding that our family enjoyed. Like most Phil Walker Harding games, it’s straightforward to learn but offers a depth of gameplay options that make it highly replayable. I can’t wait to talk more about this game after a few more plays.

See an overview of Explorers.

Best dice version of the game: Epidemic: the cure

Pandemic Cure is a cooperative game, but instead of cards, it is the dice to determine who gets infected. Alice and I thought we had it as an easy win, but soon our luck ran out, and we barely won. This was because we made good decisions to transfer our misfortunes, so the game requires some tactical thinking and is not determined by whether you only have good or bad outcomes.

Favorite Detail: Tie: Everdale Pearlbrook spearcrest Expansion

We got to play Pearlbrook and Spirecrest Everdale Expansion this month, and Kelsey and I couldn’t agree on our favorites.

If you want an expansion that opens up the game and gives you more point-scoring opportunities, we recommend Pearlbrook—it was Kelsey’s favorite.

If you want an expansion that makes the game more challenging/punitive puzzles while providing opportunities for unique rule-breaking player abilities, we recommend Spirecrest – it was Adam’s favorite.

Read our full review of Everdell.
Overview of Pearlbrook.
Overview of Spirecrest.

Best Educational Games: sumoku

This simple math game mixes a tile placement puzzle with great simple addition exercises. Highly recommend this to any teacher looking for a classroom game because it’s easy to teach, has excellent math exercises, and is easy to store.

Overview of Sumoku.

Best Date Night Mystery: Cold Case: a pinch murder

By day Kelsey is an unpaid detective who “steals cookies” and solves “where’s the iPad” cases. At night, we used her skills to solve cold cases from ThinkFun. You get a file folder filled with interviews, newspaper clippings and all the evidence you need to solve the case. The two cold cases we solved were both enjoyable to solve, while still having a relaxing feel because there was never any time pressure.

Our favorite case was A Pinch of Murder, but we recommend any Cold Case game!

Most played: Ties: Pokemon Battle Academy And 5 Minute Marvel (5+ plays each)

These games were played by our boys more than five times without us because they are their current favourites. We highly recommend the Pokémon Battle Academy Box for anyone looking to get into Pokémon for the first time. 5-Minute Marvel is an excellent real-time cooperative game with a Marvel theme to make it extra fun.

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