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Dear Bankless Nation,

The markets are ugly, NFT trading volume is way down since the start of 2022, and doom and gloom’s abounding.

Zooming in, though, NFT users and NFT transactions are up on the year, and it’s no stretch to say the ecosystem is now brimming with innovative projects across numerous categories.

Markets go up and down, but builders build rain or shine, and our space’s technical and structural advances are compounding out in all directions accordingly. We’re paving the way for the next legs up, plain and simple.

In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for reading as always ️


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  • Urbit launched its own EVM blockchain, the Urbit Virtual Machine,

  • zefram.eth unveiled Bagholderan NFT loyalty protocol.

  • Zora introduced an airdrop system to its creator toolkit:

  • Cool Cats partnered with Habbo to launch a virtual world experience for the collection’s holders and introduced a new CEO, Stephen Teglas,

  • Optimism unveiled Optimism Quests, a guided tour of the L2 that lets you earn NFTs along the way:

  • Jan Robert Leegte is releasing JPEGa generative art project, on October 31st, 2022.

  • Nifty Gateway hosted the release of Crypto Art Beginsa phygital book that details the early history and pioneers of the cryptoart movement.

  • Tyler Hobbs released QQLa collaborative generative art experiment, an announced an associated mint pass contest:

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