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OnePlus kickstarted its journey in the smartphone industry by developing “flagship killers”. The customer-centric brand is known for working towards providing maximum features, premium build quality, and unmatched performance with its devices. Along with features and performance, the brand also focuses on getting the most important part of smartphones right-that is, displays.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

OnePlus Prioritises Display Technology

OnePlus offers a wide range of devices at different price points now, but it has never resorted to cost-cutting in the display department. It offers the finest quality display panels and introduces the latest display technologies to provide an immersive viewing experience. The OnePlus 10 series, comprising the OnePlus 10R, OnePlus 10T, and the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphones, is a testament to this fact.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

The OnePlus 10R is a premium mid-range smartphone, whereas the OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro are flagship devices. Although they all belong to different segments, they still boast 10-bit Fluid AMOLED panels with high screen refresh rates and HDR10+ support.

OnePlus 10 Series: Importance Of An AMOLED Panel

Most smartphones cut corners in the display department to add more features, better cameras, or a high-performance processor. OnePlus, however, is known to strike the right balance and prioritize the display as it is the most crucial aspect of a smartphone. AMOLED panels display punchy colors, deep blacks, exhibit significantly better brightness levels, and higher power efficiency when compared to LCD panels.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

The OnePlus 10 series of smartphones ship with 10-bit displays with 1.07 billion colors, which is significantly better compared to the 16.7 million colors produced by conventional 8-bit AMOLED panels. The vibrant colors and the wider color palette allow for a rich multimedia experience. Your photos and videos will look livelier owing to the combination of AMOLED panels and the 10-bit color gamut.

Additionally, it also elevates the gaming and UI experience as opposed to 8-bit AMOLED panels or LCDs.

OnePlus 10 Series: Benefits Of HDR10+ Support

The OnePlus 10 series comes with HDR10+ (High Dynamic Range) support. It offers higher brightness, enhanced contrast, and improved color accuracy. The HDR10+ standard also trumps the older HDR10 standard by a huge margin. The high contrast parts of the scene that might be oversaturated with HDR10 will look crisper with HDR10+.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

The ability of the display to achieve extremely high peak brightness also allows the rendition of colors that simply cannot be resolved by ordinary SDR smartphone displays. Your streaming movies and high quality HDR video content as well as games can be rendered with the widest color gamut to appear true to life.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

OnePlus 10 Series: High Refresh Rate

The OnePlus 10 series of smartphones are capable of 120Hz refresh rate for a smoother UI and gaming experience. The fluidity also helps while browsing the internet, scrolling through pages, reading, using social media apps, and more.

Along with good refresh rates, touch sampling rates are extremely important while gaming. Gamers have evolved over the years and the majority of them have switched to three-finger or four-finger setups in action games like PUBG Mobile/BGMI or Call of Duty. As opposed to the two-finger aka thumb setup, the three-finger or four-finger setup involves a lot of screen inputs. OnePlus’ superior display panels and tuning ensure that fast touches are registered quickly to provide you with a competitive edge for casual as well as professional gaming.

OnePlus 10 Series: Best In Class High Refresh Rate HDR Displays

Cutting Edge, Uncompromising Display Technology

Be it content consumption, productivity, or gaming, having a good smartphone display can make a huge difference. Thankfully, OnePlus being a customer-centric brand, is cognizant about the needs of its customers and never settles for anything less.

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