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Trading Courses in India: Trading courses are specially designed for students wishing to learn about the strategies and applications used in stock trading. With the help of trading course you will learn all the techniques used in buying and selling of shares of a particular company.

However, earlier it was difficult to get certified courses that could give you a comprehensive knowledge of the trading market. But now there are ample opportunities available to you, with the help of which you can develop your skills in the stock market and apply them to earn the right amount of profit.

Here, in this article, we will help you by providing detailed information about trading courses in India along with their eligibility, type of courses, fees and best platforms to study. Scroll down to know more.

What are trading courses in India?

These days, stock trading courses are available in the field of certifications and diplomas, which can be pursued as stock trading courses for beginners as well as intermediates and professionals. You can learn a lot about a trading community with structured, live trading demonstrations, access to resources, expert instruction, advice, and interactive learning during trading courses.

These trading courses will teach you the detailed steps and ways in which you can enter the trading arena. With the help of trading courses, you can take up trading as a profession. Plus, when you invest money, it should give you a safe return, and these courses will help you do just that.

Trading Courses in India Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for trading course is that the candidate must have passed class 12th. They should have little knowledge about the business sector. However, for UG and PG degree courses, you must have a good hold on specific subjects in class 12th.

best online stock trading courses in india

The best online stock trading courses are offered by many trading platforms. With the help of technology, you can take online stock trading courses from top foreign universities sitting in India. In just a few hours, you can complete these online trading courses.

Some of them are available for free, but for some, the institutes charge a specific amount for the certificate. You may find a list of top institutes providing online stock trading courses with minimum duration.

of the institution session fees Duration
booming bulls academy online and class Rupee. 35000 4-5 weeks
Henry Harwin live session Rs 15000 twenty four hours
BSE Institute Limited live session Rupee. 7000.00 + 10.30% (Service Tax + Education Cess) four days
Nifty Trading Academy (Beginners) online 5000 rupees 2 day
National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) online 1500 rupees 4 weeks
National Stock Exchange Academy online Rs 30,000 110 hours
IFMC online Rupee. 1080 6 months
Trading 4 Living-Learning Institute online Rs 13,500 75 hours of training and practice
Sharewools Stock Market Training Academy online 5000 rupees 4 weeks

forex trading course in india

Forex trading deals with trading in different currencies. Since trading takes place in the global market, trading can be a bit risky at times. There are various courses in which you can choose to pursue forex trading courses in India like certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate, and much more.

After the completion of class 12, you can choose to go into the FX market. With proper training and certification, you can build your career just like that. So, take a detailed look at the top courses related to the FX market.

syllabus Level Institutes and Colleges learning method fees Duration
Forex Trading AZ certificate Udemy online 8,640 1 week
Forex facilities for individuals certificate IIBF, Mumbai offline 1,600 ,
certificate course in forex certificate YMCA, New Delhi offline 30,000 ,
Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management Diploma ICAI, New Delhi offline 6,150 4 months to 3 years
PG Diploma in Forex and Risk Management PG Diploma World Trade Center, Mumbai offline 35000 4 months to 3 years
BBA in Forex Management Bachelor – Business Administration Chandigarh University, Ajitgarh offline 48,000 3 years
MBA in Foreign Trade post graduation Pondicherry University offline 66,718 2 years
Introduction to Forex (Forex) certificate edx online 6,566 2 weeks

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Commodity Trading Course in India

Commodity trading courses teach you about selling and buying various commodities and their derivatives. The object here can be anything related to agriculture, energy or metal objects. There are various online courses available through which you can gain command of commodity trading.

The list of top 10 best online courses is listed below. These are available from top institutions like Udemy, Shaw Academy and others.

  • Futures/Commodity Training (Basics) by Udemy
  • Udemy Provides FX Commodity Chart Trading Patterns for Success
  • Udemy’s Spread Trader Crash Course on Trading Commodity Futures
  • Udemy offers the Ultimate Commodity Channel Index Trading Strategy Course
  • Udemy Offers An Online Course How To Trade Commodity Futures For A Living
  • Shaw Academy offers Commodity Trading: Master the Supply and Demand Markets
  • Futures/Currency/Commodity Trading Master Class by Udemy
  • Udemy Course on The Complete Trading Guide to Commodity Options Selling
  • Udemy offers the Commodity Channel Index (CCI): as a technical analysis indicator

intraday trading course in india

Today, trading is all about selling and buying shares in the same day for profit. No such investment is happening, and day to day activities are taking place. But to get immersed in this career, you must have good command and skill in intraday trading.

Thus, to select a suitable course, you can refer to the list given below. Having proper knowledge is essential because if you enter the project with limited information, the chances of damage are high.

syllabus credit program cost Duration
IFMC – Quick Trader certificate Rs.13000 1 month
IFMC – Uni-Directional Trade Strategies certificate Rs.3600 Content access online with validity 6 months
NIFM Course on Master in Business and Investment Program certificate Rs.30000 Ten days
Stock School – Technical Analysis Course certificate Rs.999 to Rs.7499 No fixed duration, online content
Udemy – Complete Technical Analysis Course certificate Rs.455 No fixed term, lifetime access

options trading course in india

Options trading is a type of trading in which traders speculate on the future direction of the overall stock market or individual securities, such as stocks or bonds. This will help investors to know whether the price of an asset will be higher or lower on a specific date.

It seems like an interesting part of trading, but you need to have different skills for speculation. Unlike other trading domains, options trading also follows a specific pattern. Thus, to know more about the courses, check the list given below.

syllabus of the institution certificate fees method
Certification in Online Options Trading Strategies NSE India Yes 700 online
Introduction to Options Trading (Especially for Beginners) Udemy Yes free online
online options trading workshops PR Sundari No 70000 online
options trading course simple trading Yes Varies according to plans online
options trading basics Udemy Yes 700 online
options trading in plain english for beginners Udemy Yes 700 online
options trading masterclass for beginners Udemy Yes 700 online
Options Trading Simplified- [Introductory Free Course] Udemy Yes free online
Options Strategies Insider Options Strategies Insider Yes $97 basic plan price online
Professional Options Trading Course option geek No $169 Basic Plan online
Trading options for consistent returns Udemy Yes free online

Career Scope after share market course

The Indian stock market has opened up a lot of career opportunities for the students specializing in the stock market. You can earn a respectable salary when you join the stock market. However, the stock market involves a lot of risk factors which can be overcome with the help of proper knowledge and skills.

There are various courses and domains available in the stock market in which you can specialize. After fulfilling the terms and conditions you can easily participate in the stock market and start working in this sector.

Job Opportunities and Salary Structure in Stock Market Course

There are immense career opportunities in the field of stock market. Here, you can earn starting salary up to Rs 2,50,000 if you know the skill of making profit. With more experience, you can easily earn around Rs 10,00,000.

The top job profiles in which you can start working in the stock market sector are listed below.

  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Category Management
  • bill broker
  • market researcher
  • technical analyst
  • Investment Advisor / Financial Advisor

FAQ on Stock Trading Course in India

1. How can I make a career in Stock Trading?

To become a professional in the stock market, you must have command of specific skills. With proper knowledge, you can easily make high amount of profit. The stock market provides you an opportunity to choose full time options for your career.

2. Is Day Trading Difficult?

Many a times it happens that the stock market becomes volatile, which makes it difficult to operate. But with patience you can overcome this difficulty. Therefore, use your best skills and knowledge while working as a day trader.

3. How can I learn about stock trading?

Stock trading can be learned by studying to a particular degree (best way), having online sessions, attending seminars, analyzing the market, getting expert advice, reading books on trading, etc.

4. What is the average fee for a stock trading course?

The fee structure varies from course to course. But on an average you can study stock trading from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,50,000 per annum. Certificate courses have lower fees, while specialized degree programs cost more.

5. Is stock trading difficult to learn?

If you are studying any subject with full dedication and diligence then nothing is difficult. However, investing is not as hard as it sounds. With the knowledge of tools and required skills, you can easily have command over stock trading.

Trading market gives you a lot of career options, and with advancement in the education system, you can take trading courses to enhance your skills and knowledge. If you have extensive knowledge of the financial world, you can easily advance your career in it.

Stay tuned for more details on Stock Trading Course at ncertbooks.Guru. If you face any difficulty in choosing the right course, you can ask your queries in the comment section below and we will be happy to assist you.

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