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While running for POTUS in 2016, Joe Biden had to navigate a field of contenders that included some, like Bernie Sanders, who were calling for sweeping changes in the American political landscape. To get centrist votes, and appear less radical than other candidates, Joe Biden in his GOP. Caught on the mic saying to friend in Congress, “I Won’t Question Your Intentions”, And so, the GOP understood that Biden was a candidate not going to make a fuss,

rock the boat Joe Biden’s mannerisms have never been the same. It definitely helped him win the election, and I am grateful. But now he has to change his attitude. I will enumerate a few reasons why our current president should actively or publicly “question the objectives” of the vast majority of the GOP Congress and the GOP party in general.

A crowd of supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, forcing an emergency recess in Congress
Proceedings to officially certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. Despite that horrific and deadly event organized by and for Donald Trump, 147 GOP congressmen still voted to reverse the results of the 2020 election. We must question the intentions of all Congressmen who still publicly support Big Lie and end the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. These congressmen care about their jobs more than they care about their constituents or American democracy.

I have always seen electoral manipulation as a war against America. Free and fair elections define any democracy – but especially ours, as we were the first modern country to transition from monarchs to elected officials. All other democracies on the planet copied our model. And now we have a party which is actively working against the founding principle of our country.

Then we have Congress people who instigated violence on 6th January and still do. Alabama representative, Moe Brooks, advocated that Americans start name taking and kick assLiterally Calling Violence, As Donald Trump Said “Fight like hell or you will have no country anymore”. Josh Hawley is currently selling mugs in support of the rebellion. Marjorie Taylor Green calls for the execution of Nancy Pelosi. This is just a small sample of the seditious words of the current GOP representatives.

As I write this, a current Supreme Court decision, which the GOP has piled up, says they will stop American women from controlling their bodies — and prevent abortion. They know that resourceful women will not be affected much by this. This is an attack on all women. Rape victims are also not exempt. So this is also a “objectives question” rule.

All the fascist countries of the world try their best to make life miserable for their subjects. This is because most of the subjects are too busy trying for survival to fight the battle. And then the same fascists will arrest the protesters. Trump was caught saying protesters should be shot and “beheaded”.

Our current President is our Commander-in-Chief. Our democracy is under attack from within. Biden must question the motives of all those who call for violence in relation to election results or are not defending the founding principle of the USA. He should know that in 1945 Germany banned his Nationalist Party from running for office again.

If AG Garand doesn’t convict Trump by the end of June, we’re on Code Red.

This citizen believes that 75% of the GOP should be banned from running for office en masse – the way they did in Germany in 1945. Any representative who openly supports Big Lie. Should DBE be barred from running for office? Call it a national emergency and use your war circles Joe. It’s a war! The GOP is waging a war versus our government and the Dems and Biden are just letting it happen.

I also believe that Trump is such a threat to American democracy that he should be banned from holding rallies that are explicitly organized to spread hatred against fellow Americans. Use of fire in overcrowded theater laws. Just do it and worry later.

In the end, I’m trying to give AG Garland the benefit of the doubt. I argue with myself, if Girlnad intends to accuse Trump, he would be waiting for public support after the January 6 committee public hearing aired in June. So, even if that’s true, if AG Garland doesn’t accuse Trump by June 3 of well after the show has run, we must assume that he has no intention of doing so, because it’s public opinion. The ideal time would be to maximize support.

And then, if I were POTUS, I would have asked for the resignation of AG Garland, like Trump asked for the resignation of Jeff Sessions, and installed Glen Kirshner or Frank Figluzzi — or someone who knows what in America At stake is, and what happens if Trump loses is not prison.

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