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Astrology Dashamsha Chart?

The zodiac is divided into ten parts to make the Dasamsa chart. Dasamsa chart is a mandala chart which is prepared on the basis of tenth part of the zodiac. Kundli analysis using D10 chart allows us to directly check our business success and achievements.

How can D10 Horoscope analysis help you in your career?

D10 (Dasamsa) chart reveals the true potential, strength and weakness of your 10th house rasi chart, It is also known as your Karma Bhava, which governs your ability to be successful in business, profession and your career.

D10 chart reading is essential as it reveals your career path and progress achievement that you hope to achieve in life. It helps in evaluating your work status. The D1 chart helps you to know the most suitable profession for you. The D10 chart provides knowledge about the ups and downs of career at different stages of life.

D10 Chart Analysis in Vedic Astrology

1st house:- In Dasamsa chart prediction, the first house or lagna of the D10 chart represents our intention and ability to initiate and act. If the lord of D10 ascendant becomes weak or weak in the horoscope then the entire horoscope is affected. The position of the planets in the first house of the D10 chart significantly affects our work or professional life. It will shape our career path and destiny.

second home:- The second house represents our ethics in our work or job. It also symbolizes the family’s help, support, communication, money and resources, which we get in the way of achieving success through our profession or business.

Third house:- Third house represents job, change, courageous initiative, travel related to our work or profession, communication related to our profession etc. This house in the Dasamsa chart represents our writing ability which we inspire in our career.

Fourth house:- The fourth house in the D10 chart represents the quotient of our happiness through our career, business or professional life.

Fifth house:- The 5th house in the d10 chart represents our assistants, creative works, our innovations, our ideas and intelligence.

Sixth House: In D10 chart this house represents our co-workers, obstacles in our work, suitable job, our enemies, competitors and challenges. Here inauspicious planets will give auspicious results. A solid sixth house will bring success in the job.

Seventh house:- The 7th house in the D10 chart represents trading. A solid 7th house will bring success in career through business. A strong 7th house in the D10 chart with good planets is a blessing as the native gets a lot of prestige in his business with fruitful journeys.

Eighth house:- This House is all about surprise, shock, hindrance and delay in our important work. This house also brings sudden luck and misfortune in our career or work life. It also shows the change in your career. This house also indicates a brief pause in your career.

Ninth House:- The ninth house in the D10 chart represents your luck and fortune in your career. It also describes your boss, executives, manager etc. If the lord of the first house is in the ninth house, it indicates self-employment.

Tenth house:- The 10th house in the d10 chart signifies commitment, dedication and hard work in their business.

11th house:- 11th house in D10 chart

Refers to benefits and social circle. It also shows your achievement, financial benefits and support from your social networks or relatives.

12th house:- The 12th house in the D10 chart represents loss, but mainly in career. It is a symbol of foreign travel, foreign settlement and employment in foreign lands. Sometimes it also refers to import-export trade and foreign professional contacts.

Important planets in career determination as per D10 chart:-

Sun in 10th house in D10 chart

Sun placed in the tenth house gets success in administrative, government, banking and politics. Some people can even excel in the spot. One can become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or can work in PWD department.

Moon in 10th house of D10 chart

Moon posited in the tenth house gets success in the accounting sector, public service work, food, hotel and travel industry. One can also become a food or travel blogger and a content creator. These natives can also become poets, actors, directors, travel agents etc.

Mercury in 10th house of D10 chart

Mercury in the tenth house is successful in media, writing, editing and publishing. One can also excel as a novelist, mathematician, accountant, banker, stock market investor, broker, etc. These natives usually do well in promotion and advertising, especially with the Moon.

Jupiter in 10th house of D10 chart:-

Jupiter in 10th house gives career related to counseling, finance management etc. One can become a teacher, professor, astrologer, bank manager, yoga and spiritual teacher, agricultural engineer etc. It also gives success in embassy work.

Venus in 10th house of D10 chart:

Venus in this house gives success in the career of dancing, acting, modelling, singing, anchoring etc. This placement of Venus can also make a stage artist and comedian.

Mars in 10th house of D10 chart:-

Mars in the tenth house makes one a financial dealer, broker, property dealer, builder, investor, real estate agent, landlord, engineer, architect etc.

Rahu in 10th house of D10 chart:-

Rahu in this house may excel in modeling and photography industry. One can taste success and media films. You can become a good actor, director, producer or organizer.

Ketu in 10th house of D10 chart:-

Ketu placed in the tenth house can make a person a spiritual master, astrologer, healer, nurse, doctor, doctor, surgeon, pharmacist etc.

10th lord’s position in D10 chart

The lord of the tenth house in the first house gives great success only through self-effort with hard work and dedication.

The lord of the tenth house in the second house brings great success and high income in business.

The lord of the tenth house in the third house gives success after 30 struggles.

The lord of the tenth house in the fourth house brings good luck and ease of working in professional life.

The lord of the tenth house in the 5th house brings success in creative and artistic work.

The tenth lord in the sixth house gives delayed success, but only in job, not in business, unless settled in a foreign land.

The tenth lord of the seventh house brings luck and success after marriage, especially in business and foreign lands.

The tenth lord of the eighth house gives many failures and failures in loss. This position indicates loss of respect, authority and status.

The lord of the tenth house in the ninth house gives self-employment and good reputation.

The tenth house of the tenth house gives great success and popularity in life through self-employment or sports and arts.

The tenth lord of the 11th house brings great success in the administrative or corporate world and business.

The tenth lord of the twelfth house gives success in the field of medicine. One can also become a drug dealer or psychologist.

Significance of houses in D10 chart:-

Studying the various bhavas of one’s Dasamsa Kundli will help a person to get a clear view about his occupation and profession. The following is a brief description of each House in the D10 chart:

first house: It is related to the popularity you get as a result of your hard work and determination.

second home: It deals with the management of investments and finances.

Third house: It is a symbol of deals and communication.

Fourth House:It shows your office assets and company assets.

5th house: It is associated with the growth of the company and the hiring of new employees.

Sixth House: It is the house of rivalry, chance, success and relationships with colleagues.

7th house: It’s all about public affairs.

Eighth House: It deals with corporate debt and loans.

Ninth House: It symbolizes the corporate sector and professional journey.

tenth house Most important as it represents the earning and managerial income of the natives

11th house: This house represents professional gains and associates.

Twelfth House :- This house also signifies the loss of your hidden enemies in your profession or company. However, it indicates gains through foreign travel and overseas employment.

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