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Queridos Amigos,

In our most recent update, we explained what DevCoin is and talked about our renewed focus on growing the Ethereum ecosystem. Part of that focus is on making sure that, for all types of attendees, the next DevCon is everything we dream of. For details on those goals and beyond, please read full post here, Today, we’re going to tackle our site-selection and timing, plus more on what’s next for this year and beyond.

our pick

Right now, we are excited and proud to announce that the next edition of DevCon will take place in Bogota, Colombia in 2021 at the beautiful Agora Bogota Convention Center!


We can’t wait for the entire ecosystem to meet Bogota; The capital of Colombia and one of the most vibrant and popular cities in South America. Full of culture, art, history, tastes, opportunities and unique experiences, Bogota is the ideal city to host Devacon and our entire community!

In Colombia, you’ll find a consistent and comfortable climate year-round, and diverse destinations that cater to all tastes; Mountains, rivers, and stunning cities like Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and of course, Bogota. This is a rare find, and a country with a stable economy and a rhythm running through its veins.


Oh, and the venue? Agora Bogota is a newly built and state-of-the-art center that we hope, away from, by far the best venue to host DevCon. Located just minutes from Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport and the historic Santa Fe and Candelaria neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital city, Agora presented us with an ideally located and completely modern conference center catering to Designed to handle WiFi, meeting-space. And other needs of events like Devcon.


The priority of the Ethereum ecosystem is clearly aligned around a strong demand for an event in South America, and there is a much-deserved request for a venue able to welcome and serve this large and growing gathering.

The search for a Devcon 6 venue began prior to Devcon 5 with the understanding that more time would provide a smoother experience for all attendees. After listening to community feedback and comprehensively reviewing options and multiple factors in more than 10 cities, we’re confident we’ve found an area and location in Bogota that is capable of meeting each and every goal we set for this year’s Devcon . In addition, we have found serious potential to develop a significant community presence.

When, when, and until what? I

So here’s the plan:

1. getting it right

This year is trying for all of us, and we are as eager as many of you to reconnect, but we must also make sure that the event is organized in the right way by everyone in this community. Go.

That means getting bigger, and definitely better than ever. We take the time to make sure that we can come together and grow our global ecosystem and the area that is new to the Ethereum community, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Simply put, DevCon’s participation should neither be limited to a few interested travelers, nor should it depend on potential changes to gathering limits. But our plan is going So we will be together confidently at the end of next year while the drum beats a little louderAnd a fixed date will be announced soon.

So what’s next in 2020? The correct answer is often the most obvious: to decentralize,

2. Decentralized 2020

We are proud to announce that while our Devcon Team Strongly focused on delivering dc⟠vi in ​​2021, *EF’s larger mission of continuing to support ecosystem activities will go even further: we are already hearing about major events on the way this fallAnd we will extend our support to the many people in that community who are now moving forward.

Want to host something in your community, region or online? let us know Here And our team will keep in touch to learn more.

We will help promote and potentially coordinate these efforts as the times we are going through. In short, it is our hope that we can all come together as different teams, regions, offices and Ethereum users for a set of events around the world and independent.

3. No Half Measures

Let’s be clear: we won’t just serve least bad Contingency or substitute option for the community and call it “Devcon” when we’ve just resolved to make things right.

Lockdown is being lifted for the first time in many regions, but it will take some time for local leaders to lift travel restrictions to the extent necessary for a massive event like DevCon, attended by international ones. We’ve also considered what’s best for the many speakers, volunteers, and attendees who are qualified to make a confident decision before preparing for the long journey.

So instead of asking you all to continue to wait with bated breath or delay our plans by a few short months, we are going to lengthen our lead time and ramp up our ongoing efforts around Devcon 6 in 2021. Super-size will do. This can be done by staying true to Ethereum’s roots in 2020 with ecosystem-driven events, and without defaulting to a simple virtual event.

Development of a community

Devcon is meaningful to so many people and in so many unique ways, and we are thrilled to bring this event to South America for the first time. The event represents many things for the many different types of attendees who come together to celebrate.

It is homecoming for many active participants in the world of Ethereum. It is a great platform on which to present the latest groundbreaking ideas and achievements for builders that make Ethereum what it is and what it will become. And for all of us, DevCon is an opportunity to bring together new faces, places and entire communities.

In Bogota, we have already crossed paths with so many people and groups looking forward to meeting the Ethereum community and welcoming Devcon for the first time. The pieces exist to fulfill an important goal of community development and support set for DevCon. From builders to educational institutions, local business leaders, decision makers and more, we are already meeting and working with people in Bogota, Colombia and South America to help develop and use Ethereum’s technology in the real world. to help move it forward.

DevCon Week is more than just one event, but a diverse set of meetings, subconferences and much more that highlight the best of our ecosystem. Next year, we’re looking forward to adding some local flare-ups, integrations with other events, local businesses, and more.

more to come

With the additional lead-time, we are excited to see ever greater integration with the local community, revealing simpler processes to attendees, and building bigger and better than ever before.

In upcoming posts, we’ll cover the date of the event, our recommendations for your stay in and around the city, our support for other 2020 events, the EF Scholars Program, and more. Till then, keep posting For more, stay safe, and thank you for your patience while we work to figure out the best route forward. see you all soon!


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