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The CEO and VP of Metatop sat down on a recent AMA to discuss a variety of topics midlife crisis youtube channel, Midlife Crisis hosts Mickey and Matty chat with Jordan Yellen (CEO) and Walker Holmes (VP) about everything from starting Metatop to playing professional minor league baseball. He talked about growing up, his childhood and much more.

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There were no restrictions on the AMAs, and both Jordan and Walker opened up about their personal lives. The stories that came out of it were wonderful, informative and inspiring.

Jordan grew up playing baseball in LA and comes from a close-knit family. He further explained how he was fortunate enough to play ball in high school and college, where he was heavily recruited.

In fact, Jordan was kicked out of high school by the Chicago White Sox, but he opted to attend college instead. However, this was not the end of his dream of playing pro ball. He later signed with the same White Sox out of college and played for a few years and had three hip surgeries in five months before he realized that his pro ball career was no longer possible.

Jordan then decided to apply to law school and was accepted. After law school, he decided to sell his side business selling rare saltwater fish (how awesome!), putting all his expertise into real estate; and eventually joined the family business. The family business is Intermedia—founded in 1974 by Jordan’s grandfather and run by his father (and is a true family business, with Jordan’s sister being the media director). Jordan looked beyond linear TV and digital media (all the good stuff intermedia) and was able to sell the company to the idea of ​​starting a Web3 company.

MetaTope is a Web3 company based in California

When asked by the AMA host about their crypto journey, Mickey, Jordan recall the story of how metatope was formed. Jordan mentions that he was very interested in learning about intellectual property rights while attending law school. Knowing how to express a title and maintain its status was a new and fascinating experience for him. He is also influenced by cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and later, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). His idea combined new concepts into one and helped him come up with a promising new solution.

The NFTs actually took off in late 2020 and early 2021. Jordan was intrigued and wanted to fully understand the space, which led to a deep dive into the potential applications of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and later, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). , Jordan wanted to tie this technology and media together in a way that helped businesses.

“Suddenly, the PFP stand comes around, confirming ownership of the digital asset. That’s great; you see a logical connection to video games and a lot of other things.” Jordan would reply to the host, “But seeing people take a picture of one”. bored monkey And photoshop the body by chopping off the head, no, it’s a beautiful technique, and we can do better.”

Jordan adds, “How do we take that 2D image and turn it into a 3D model? We already have motion capture on our phones, so users are familiar with that experience and create a true virtual identity that can be used not only on social media but in video games, on Zoom, anytime you need that virtual ID. can be done for. Why can’t we go cross-platform, animate it and really bring it to life?” And such metatope was born.

MTSkins by Metatop

Jordan is the first to admit that he is a lawyer, not a developer. He knew he needed expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, even with his intrigue in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. When Jordan’s friend heard about the project and realized what it was like, he suggested the subject to a close acquaintance of his who had been looking for Jordan. Fast forward to the summer of 2021 when Jordan and Walker finally meet. A fast friendship formed, and they have remained together ever since.

Metatop Team rapidly expanded and made his party debut at this year’s NFT.NYC convention in New York. Metatop came out of stealth mode to show a glimpse of its never-seen-before, real-time markerless motion capture NFT technology. Now, Jordan and Walker are creating what once seemed a vision in reality. There is no other way to cut NFTs and paste them on other bodies. A new era of technology has arrived in NFT utility. With Metatop, your avatar is much more than just a picture profile; This is your wearable digital skin!

Metateam looks like a perfect team of individuals who are highly motivated and have the technology, resources and drive to succeed. Metatop Team There is going to be some big announcement soon. The project has achieved a lot and is yet to achieve more.

If you want to join the fast growing Metatop community, visit their website or start chatting and messaging discord,

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