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Eric Stonestreet recently shared a Modern Family blooper on his Instagram account and wrote, “This popped up today and made me miss my old job and what’s his name. Here is a very VERY rare moment of me messing up.” Fans loved this post as Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s characters, Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett, have a wonderful relationship that sees a lot of change over the sitcom’s 11 seasons.

Mitch is more practical than Cam, who is passionate and dramatic, and there are many Modern Family quotes that have stuck with viewers. These lines say a lot about Mitch and Cam’s romance and how well they understand each other.


“You always take this a little too far. Your nephew’s first birthday.”

Mitch reminds Cam of when he brought a wind machine to a baby’s birthday party

Although Mitch and Cam lie on Modern Family In many episodes, they also share many moving scenes that prove how much they love each other. In season 1, Mitch and Cam show how different they are from each other when remembering Cam’s dramatic approaches to birthday parties, presents, and big life events.

While Mitch knows that Cam loves over-the-top gestures and grand entrances, and sometimes Mitch wonders if Cam could make things a bit simpler and easier, Mitch ultimately knows that this is what makes Cam happy.

“Hey! Cut it out, I’m practically a married man.”

Cam laughs after Mitch says he loves his “birthday suit” before his wedding

Cam and Mitch’s season 5 wedding is beautiful but doesn’t come without wild chaos. There’s a problem with a tux, DeDe can’t be there, and there’s a wildfire nearby the venue, which makes it seem like there’s no way that the couple can actually tie the knot on the day that they planned.

When Mitch says that he loves Cam’s “birthday suit” and Cam jokes about being engaged, the couple’s fun-loving and passionate dynamic is clear. The characters always joke around with each other and make sure that their relationship is playful and enjoyable.

“You should know it’s hard on the people who love you. We feel the tension…”

Cam wants Mitch and Claire to make up in season 1

Mitch and Claire’s sibling bond frays in some episodes, and in season 1, Cam shares with Mitch that he wishes that they could get along better. Cam sounds hilariously dramatic when he says that Claire and Mitch’s “words cut like knives” when they’re upset with each other.

This quote shows how caring Cam is and how much he enjoys being a part of Mitch’s family. Cam and Mitch often advise each other on how to deal with each other’s complicated and messy families. Cam knows Mitch well and understands that he and Claire fight sometimes and get under each other’s skin but ultimately knows that nothing can come between them.

“I think I’m laying on a rock.” “I’m laying next to mine.”

Cam says a sweet, romantic quote to Mitch

When Cam says that Mitch is his rock, it’s one of the most heartwarming Modern Family quotes and proves that the couple supports and helps one another through life’s ups and downs, even if they do fight and get upset with each other on a regular basis.

Cam loves his life, from coaching kids to raising Lily and being married to Mitch, and he knows that he can get concerned about whether they’re truly happy or if there’s something else that they should be doing. Cam knows that everything will always work out because he has such a great partner by his side.

“Cam spent $100 on the psychic hotline, but that’s normal…”

Mitch tells Claire about Cam’s spending habits

Mitch’s hilarious quote explains that in the “run up to awards season,” Cam always talks to psychics to see if his favorite stars are going to win. This line sums up Mitch’s logical nature and how Cam enjoys all things show business, from movies to music, musicals, and plays.

Cam and Mitch embrace each other’s personalities and while Mitch knows that he doesn’t believe that people can see into the future, Cam thinks it’s true. It’s sweet that the characters know each other so well and instead of complaining that they don’t always agree, they know that it’s fine for couples to have different interests.

“I was on the flight with you, I don’t recall – oh, I get it, you’re talking about me.”

Cam realizes Mitch said he cried on a flight in the season 1 episode “Airport”

The Modern Family couple has some hilarious storylines revolving around travel, like in season 8 when they accidentally get high and keep going to the wrong gate at the airport. In season 1, Mitch talks about a “crying baby” on the flight and Cam realizes that Mitch is joking about him.

Cam may have a better sense of humor than Mitch, as Mitch sometimes worries a lot, and it’s always fun watching the characters tease each other. Making sure to smile and laugh with each other is crucial to their relationship.

“Is this really how you want to get married?”

Cam asks Mitch a serious question during their chaotic wedding day

Mitch and Cam’s Modern Family The wedding is intense, and when nothing is like the couple anticipated or expected, Cam asks Mitch if they should cancel the ceremony and reception and plan for another day. Cam doesn’t want to do this, but he’s incredibly disappointed.

Jay tugs on the heartstrings when he says that Cam and Mitch need to have a beautiful, proper wedding day as they have been so excited about it. It’s moving to see Jay embracing Cam as a son and sharing how well he thinks that Cam and Mitch work together. Cam teaches Mitch that it’s okay to go with the flow and be flexible.

“Well, sixty-two…” “Not until June!”

Cam and Mitch are upset when talking to Lily about adopting a second baby

When Mitch and Cam ask Lily how she would feel if they adopt another baby, Lily says that they should but they’ll be “old” when the baby is a teenager. When Cam calculates his and Mitch’s ages, Mitch is adamant that even in this hypothetical situation, he is 61 and not 62.

Cam and Mitch are on the same page here and worry about the decision to have another child. Their exchange shows how they put a lot of thought into big life changes and how they care about what the other person has to say as they want to make sure that they’re both happy.

“Cam invented a break-up that never really happened…”

Mitch realizes that Cam wanted sympathy from their friend group

Some Modern Family Plotlines are realistic and others don’t always add up. In season 11, Mitch finds out that Cam once pretended that they split up so he could see if their friends would side with him or Mitch.

This storyline is brief but significant and speaks to Cam’s desire to know that his friends will be there for him. Mitch is upset but ultimately realizes that this isn’t about him and that Cam just wants some comfort and assurance. Mitch’s quote proves how caring he is and how much he helps Cam through tough times.

“Were you singing a duet with the refrigerator?”

Cam is jealous that Mitch loves the smart fridge in season 11

From singing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born to adding apple to a sandwich, Mitch is inspired by his new smart fridge to try new things. In a funny scene that shows the tension that the couple sometimes experiences, Cam asks why Mitch has become so close to the fridge and he shares that he’s envious.

While this storyline is silly, Cam shows Mitch that he needs to feel like they’re spending enough time together. Mitch realizes that they can never forget to look out for each other, when their lives become busy and stressful, as they always are.

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