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September 05, 2022
Peter McGuthrie

Elon Musk may be the richest person in the world, but that doesn’t mean he stays big all the time. While he has some modern conveniences with a high price tag like his private jet, for example, Musk made a life-changing decision to live more simply last year that has come as a surprise to many since then.

Above: Elon Musk at the 2013 Web Summit. Photo: Conor McCabe and web summit / flickr creative commons

Musk shortened his life last summer to live in a $50,000 home near SpaceX’s starbase in Texas, a move that Inc.comK Bill Murphy Jr. called that life-changing at the time. It’s a story that Murphy Jr. has covered since the beginning, and it begins with modular tiny home startup Boxbell.

In November 2020, Boxabl co-founder Galliano Tiramani announced that the company had built and delivered a tiny house to a “top-secret customer”. Customer Location? Boca Chica, Texas – or the city in which SpaceX’s starbase is located.

That in itself was open enough, but if that wasn’t enough, Tiramani was seated near a poster with a SpaceX rocket. Still, the news didn’t exactly confirm the suspicion that Musk lived at that location. However, a tweet from Musk six months later would pique that interest.

“My primary home is literally a ~$50k house in Boca Chica/Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s awesome though,” Musk said in a tweet in June 2021.

As viewers attempted to connect the dots, it took only a few months for a Texas resident to note Musk’s life-changing move to downplay Musk’s life-changing move once again, seeing the Boxbell rumor almost as if it were fact. was. And this time Musk responded.

“I have actually been living in a ~$50k house in South Texas for the past 2 years and not Boxabl (good product tho). To live in a tiny house feels more homey,” Musk wrote.

So if he didn’t live at Boca Chica Boxbell, who did? The matter would remain cold for more than a year and a half before Musk shared more details about his living conditions. send full podcast in recent weeks.

“I don’t really live in a Boxbell. The house I bought actually cost less than a Boxbell. It was like $45k or something,” Musk said on the podcast. But, I’ve done a lot with the place. … It’s right next to the Rocket Factory. I can literally walk up to the Rocket Factory. … my friends can’t believe I’m living in this house.”

Musk simply uses the Boxabl unit as a guest house (presumably making him a “secret customer”), and lives in a more cheaper Modular tiny house when he’s not busy traveling.

And while he won’t reveal any further details about his own location—presumably for his own safety and security—how much his notes have downgraded his life are, perhaps, even more telling.


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