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I mentioned this explicitly at the beginning of my reviews for this series, and now here at the end, I can confirm it Harem in another world’s labyrinth was actually a ‘Surf Dracula’: A series that spends the entirety of its season working on its actual marketable basis, which is why most viewers would be watching it in the first place. By the end of this season’s finale, Michio has successfully sexed several slaves, and we even see him fill in the rest of the characters, which the show has been teasing throughout the intro, as bright as the credits roll because it seems. Passion I’m just as sick of making this thing as I see it. It plays into the ride-taking game theory charges I’ve consistently accused this series of: Are you satisfied with plunging twelve weeks into the following harem maze Knowing that you were rewarded in the end only with the last full blast of obscene purpose here? or like so many lost cause, are you the only one Say Was it worth it myself?

it is still harem maze At the end of everything, so it’s still going to find some time for its usual brand of crap. The standard droning on the combination of skill slots and crystals is actually mercifully light, though it touches on a few ideas that can be frustratingly worthwhile in the long run. Basically, Sherry confirms that not only can people native to this fantasy game world not watch skill slots the way Michio can, it also means that many of the population actually believe in those mechanics. those who control the progress of their lives and abilities. that An interesting concept, to make an isekai’s rote RPG mechanics into a belief system that not everyone can see. But Michio has only finally made it to the end after spending the entire series with unlimited access to those stupid spreadsheets, so instead the mention tastes little more than text to make him feel more special.

The other mechanical element clarified on this episode is the more integral harem mazeThe overall action of , and also importantly is silly how it is positioned here. That is, the human race’s special job class in this game, to which Michio has access… sex mad. It appears, as Roxanne and Sherry explain to her, and her reaction to power the trajectory of this finale and the effects that followed, in a radically juvenile way that can be decently amusing, given it previously. . But as it is, Michio’s admission as a professional sex haver comes across as just another harem mazeLast minute chickshit justification. It’s basically designed to create still more consent for Michio to buy women and have sex with them, because Clearly He can’t help but indulge in the compulsion of his human nature to do so as well. The prospect of attracting interested partners through mutual, agency-driven negotiations is never brought up naturally. It also says a lot, I guess, that Michio comes across as enjoying all this alternate-world action when he learns that he can accumulate stat bonuses by doing so. Literally, terminal gamer-brain mentality.

It all forms a lead-up to one final example of this show’s radically bizarre interpretation of slave ownership, which makes me chuckle. Look, this episode also offers the closest thing this series has ever had to character dynamics as Michio works with his hamstrung hermits to navigate the situation in his now-multiplayer marriage. The main thing is that he is learning what is the proper sequence of operations in service and service by his servants, Roxanne emits enviable energy any time she is very soon on the block sherry with the new slave. As with many other aspects of this series, it raises the question of what’s the point in revoking the agency of your peers if you’re still going to be forced to consider their feelings like participants in a standard harem. Have a romance. Like yeah, you really dodge a bullet in there man, otherwise you’d have to tell your sex-slave what to do.

It accompanies weird features like Michio worrying to see Sherry change just before walking into the shower and he and Roxanne give her a symmetrical-docking scrubdown. It’s on the same level as Michio ‘politely’ lets his slaves eat dinner with him at the table, I think it should portray him as the ‘nice guy’ we all imagine ourselves to be. that we comfortably self-inject ourselves into the fantasy in which it pervades. But what about that fantasy Is And while Michio isn’t posing for photos with that prop respect, he instead comes across as radically bizarre.

But hey, as much as Michio approaches slave-sexing with all the precariousness of a dog that somehow gets hold of the car he was chasing, at least you can actually get him out of that car this episode. See you to see the bullshit. You should all be impressed. I can write as much about all the “story” stuff in this episode, as almost half of it is devoted to sensual-soap rubbing and practicing special party-up techniques. , In the cheap seats we miss a lot of the artistry thus displayed, with whole sections of noise and moan, the characters’ fantasy chill reduced to a slideshow of box-obscured bangs. But by god, from what we can see, with Sherry adding to the dynamic, plus I think Michio’s enthusiasm is boosted by the now-tat-for-stat bonus, there’s finally something really mildly flashy at play here. There is energy! Much of this is probably done by the last-level finishing artistry—there’s even a lot of character animation that doesn’t belong to the wild threesome. PassionPresentation on some of the ups and downs in this episode. I think it’s a little plausible to know that after almost six hours of television, they AT-X Viewers and Blu-ray buyers may finally find something they can think of for their money’s worth.

However, this is one last joke for all of us involved. I don’t know if the powers behind this thing are planning a second season, because if they are, then the credits definitely roll off here as Michio paces through all of the extra sex-squad members at the literal last minute. Because they are disinterested in continuing properly. Like if any of these characters were my best girl from reading the original novel, I’d probably be thrown out of this treatment. Most of them barely remove their names, leaving any hint of their stories or personality beyond their flashing a few pans across the screen for their fans to take a snapshot of and set as their home desktop wallpaper. If it was always going to be the only point, then its only purpose harem mazeHandling the material, so you’d think they could have gotten to it quickly at any time. Instead, he did his own min-max maneuver with my opinion here: I can score this episode significantly higher than the last one, simply because of it effectively doing what he always promised me. that he was going to do. But with that recognition, know that my scores for all previous episodes have been relatively low retrospectively.


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