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Ford has shaken up their leadership team as they seek to expand their software leadership team and focus on EV production with higher goals.

Ford today announced that the brand will expand its leadership team and reshuffle key leaders as it works to improve its software and production capabilities with regards to electric vehicles. In all, the plan would be to either hire or transfer a total of 7 leaders. With this, the brand has shown clear intentions to improve software, production and supply chain.

Most important in Ford’s press release is the recruitment of two software-focused leaders; Rose Ho (from Hewlett-Packard) and Jay Park (from Google) will join Ford’s current software leaders Sammy Omari (from Motional) and Rob Bedichek (from Intel/Apple). This newly assembled team will work on “… Ford’s push to develop fully connected, software-defined vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems”.

Other leadership moves include Doug Field becoming head of advanced product development at Ford’s EV arm “Model E”. John Lawler, the current Ford CFO, will step down from the supply chain organization, while the head of global supply will be selected. Lisa Drake, current VP of EV Industrialization, will take control of manufacturing engineering and help Ford achieve a 2 million EV annual run rate by 2026. Lastly, Chuck Gray, the current VP of EV technology, will handle all vehicle hardware engineering.

These changes make Ford’s priorities (and perhaps challenges) visible. Ford is looking to compete on vehicle software with its now comprehensive software leadership team. Nevertheless, they are attempting to fight leadership changes in those sectors as well as manufacturing and supply chain issues.

As more and more brands are noticing the importance of software within electric vehicles, particularly with regard to self-driving capabilities, it would not be an absurd guess to assume that other brands are expanding their software teams as well. Will be And while some have pointed to Ford as the poster child of supply chain issues (following recent announcements), most brands in the industry are being shaken by current chip shortages and the need for additional leadership in those areas as well. Will be

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Ford shakes up leadership, redefines software

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