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I pray that AG Garland isn’t intentionally spoiling the heat for everyone, and that he looks forward to the first Tuesday after Labor Day to blame Trump.

Ornstein once wrote to me that “we are afraid to act”. Well, this war is on anyway! We are apprehensive*. GOP Democrats in Congress are demonizing politicians and now IRS agents.

The ball is in our hands now. Unless we discontinue their schemes, this benefit is not going to last long. We have more power than we do after the midterms – unless we hold the House. and right now, 528 Blog Says Dems have a 22% chance of it.

We must now prosecute the big rat before midterm.

Trump is just a spoiled frat boy coward. If cornered, he will lash out at the rest of the GOP sycophants who played ball with him to save his skin. Trump has no track record of being loyal to others. There’s an action movie going on in his sick mind and he’s Archvillian. If that sounds like a stretch, ask Michael Cohen.

If given power, we all know the GOP will take revenge on us, who sees Trump for who he is, and the very next day after he gets that power.

Cyber ​​warfare is a war of words. And words are the building blocks of laws. That’s how fascists take government – not bombs with words. Orban style. They make laws that make it illegal to do what they don’t like. First they get entangled in small things to test their powers. to like don’t say gay In Florida or the revocation of a woman’s right to choose (which is no small matter).

Now we have football in our hands. It won’t be better if we lose the House. It will be worse for Democrats and Democracy and really everyone.

arresting the plans of the fascists

Word to arrest The classical meaning is “to stop the motion of something”. Now the work is going on on the plans, which are being discussed in private rooms and channels. Those plans should be arrested. And they are attached to the human body.

It’s not just Trump we’re fighting. He is a student of criminals but not of history or government. He has to explain where the real battle lines and risks are. He is the mastermind behind this coup attempt and has a political party in his pocket. Industry veterans and even DoD can get involved.

Putin is certainly reversing some of these strategies. He included his team at the GOP convention in 2016. An unwritten alliance was formed. To me, this seemed like grounds for banning the GOP party the way the Germans banned the Nazi party in 1945. Putin may already have top secret classified documents for payment to help Trump get elected. This is how these gangster-politicians play.

we have to arrest plans Enemies of Democracy before the medium term. i hope garland feels That, even though he doesn’t know for sure what the outcome of arresting Trump will be. It’s time to rely on our collective guts and strike!

The war is coming anyway. This is a war of words. And words are the building blocks of laws. That’s how they’re doing it – right in front of our eyes. Green Bay Sweep.

This is happening directly because we… what? Afraid to act? scared their Will the Supreme Court decide against us? be possible. but so what? Would it be better if we didn’t arrest Trump and his allies in Congress? And PS, we can disqualify Clarence Thomas for even consoling a rebel.

This coup attempt by the GOP is a threat to our way of life and is as dangerous as the one we faced during WW2. Every 80 years in the United States we must defend our way of life. On average once per lifttime. to count. 1776 – 1860 – 1940 – 2020. This civil war is coming anyway. We are apprehensive. As long as we have control of the ball, we can do what we can, before the medium term.

Trust your gut Merritt Garland.

The good people of this country have your back.

I’ll tweet it tonight. I hope this is helpful. I am the one who is not comfortable looking at the other side. If Garland needs some encouragement, I’ll tweet my image and some supporting words. If he’s afraid to hit the first punch… oh wait. The GOP already did it on January 6.

*Shawshanked: being put in a position you can’t get out of Where every election seems doomed. My wife Shawshank me to do the yardwork.

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