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Need some great board games for four year olds? We’ve got you!

Four is an exciting year for children’s development. Testing his limits and learning to follow instructions, engaging in pretend play, and talking storm, a four-year-old is busy! Activities like board games are a great way to play and connect together, as well as help them work on those ever-developing social, emotional and physical skills.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite games for four-year-olds to play with. Kids of all ages are unique and develop at their own pace, so if your child isn’t ready to play games yet, no problem! These games are by no means just for 4 year olds and can be very suitable for both younger and older kids!

It is important to note that all children are different. These are not board games Only For four year olds. Your four-year-old might also love the games we’ve recommended on our list for both younger or older kids! It’s also entirely possible that kids aren’t quite ready to play games at 4 o’clock, so don’t be discouraged if games aren’t going as you expected! Before You Know It!

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This cute gem collecting game is always a hit. Children will examine a tower of gems and say what color they are going to collect the gems that fall from the tower. Then a ring is removed from the tower and some of the females fall. If any of your colors drop, you can collect them. Children work to assess and predict which colors are more likely to fall than others in order to collect the most gems. Quick, simple, fun.

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Barnyard Bunch is a cooperative game where kids will work to stop the animals from escaping and get them back to the barn. Each game plays out quickly. Barnyard bunches are a great option for kids to start practicing play on their own without needing adults to play with them. (Though if you do, you won’t mind.)

The sequence is an all-time favorite, whether for kids or adults. We love the kid version for the animal theme. Sequence is a great game to start pattern recognition. Kids will look for ways to play cards that give them the ability to add 4 in a row to win. But if they just want to play cards that are their favorite animals, that’s great too!

Snail Sprint is one of my favorite Candyland options. In this game, you’ll make the choice by deciding which dice you’ll use to move the snail and which dice you’ll use as your destination color. I love that you are able to move all the snail colors and they don’t belong to any one player.

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Dragomino is the kid version of Kingdomino. While Kingdomino is perfectly possible to play with a young age, I really like the simplified scoring, tile placement restrictions, and probability assessment kids make with dragon eggs. We have been playing it for years and I keep getting impressed with it every time.

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Difference Junior is like taking the pages of Highlights magazine’s hidden pictures and making a game out of it. This is great for 4-year-olds (or even younger ones on easy levels!) You’ll notice two differences between your card and the center card on the table – find them before your opponent and you’ll get the card! It’s similar to Spot It but with a Spot the Difference twist that works incredibly well for this age and is highly replayable! I love it for restaurants too!

Baby’s first roll and write! this color! A great option for kids who love a game that serves as an activity. You’ll roll the dice and then color the areas on your player sheet that match those restrictions. At the end of the game, you’ll have a cute little piece of artwork that you can hang!

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Part game, part activity book. My First Adventure: Finding the Dragon is an adorable flip the flap book where kids get to choose how the story goes. It’s a cooperative, storytelling game where children will choose together what the protagonist of the story does. Perfect as a bedtime story to read together on the couch.

Gather clues and use the evidence to locate the suspects in OutFoxed. This cooperative deduction game is great for the family and your kids will enjoy playing for years. We love games of deduction to encourage critical thinking and use known information and make educated guesses on unknown facts.

Whether you have a crowd of kids to entertain or just one, Concept Kids is a clever party game for this age. Concept Kids is language independent and works great for budding readers. Everyone will try to guess an animal by playing pawns on the icons that respond to the characteristics of the animals. There are over 100 animal cards that you can use to guess or you can create your own animals! (Our kids love us trying to guess the Pokémon characters.

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