Great Wall-2022 Forum eyes consensus building, enhanced counter-terrorism cooperation | Latest Updates

by Li Chen, Lin Kangyi, Zhang He and Liu Hongfei

BEIJING, September 2 – The Great Wall-2022 International Forum on Counter Terrorism concluded here on Wednesday. Sponsored by the Chinese People’s Armed Police (PAP), the two-day forum has attracted more than 170 representatives of armed police forces or such armed forces in 30 countries, including China, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil and Italy.

Around the themes of unmanned and smart weapons in counter-terrorism international cooperation and counter-terrorism operations, participants exchanged views and discussions on counter-terrorism ideas, practices and examples of warfare.

The photo shows the Forum’s billboard outside the venue of the Great Wall-2022 International Forum on Counter Terrorism, held in Beijing from August 30 to 31, 2022. (Photo by Lin Kangye)

Currently, the global governance system is undergoing a profound adjustment with emerging traditional and non-traditional security threats and increasingly volatile and uncertain factors. Faced with a world haunted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the successful holding of this forum highlights China’s willingness and determination to work closely with international counterparts to tackle the emerging threat of terrorism.

One of the Chinese PAP participants interacts with his foreign counterpart on the topic of Unmanned Equipment and Smart Weapons Application in Counter-Terrorism Operations at the Great Wall-2022 International Forum on Counter-Terrorism, held in Beijing from August 30 to 31, 2022 . (Photo by Lin Kangye)

The fight against terrorism is changing rapidly as unmanned devices and smart technology are combined with artificial intelligence. During a discussion on the special topic of “Application of Unmanned and Smart Weapon Platform in Anti-Terrorist Operations in Various Conditions”, Senior Colonel Qu Liangfeng of the Snow Leopard Commando Unit of the Chinese PAP initiated the innovative development of Chinese armed police units. Built in application of unmanned and smart weapons for anti-terrorist operations.

The Great Wall-2022 International Forum on Counter Terrorism is held in Beijing from August 30 to 31, 2022. (Photo by Lin Kangye)

Defense and Army Attache Senior Col Pratai Chongsakul said that the use of Unmanned Armor Vehicles (UAVs) in counter-terrorism operations is a completely new counter-terrorism method in the world, and the Chinese side’s partnership with us is highly appreciated. At the Embassy of Thailand in China. He expressed that the forum provided an opportunity to the armies of different countries to conduct collective discussions and studies on the application of UAVs as a new tool in counter-terrorist operations.

During the forum, several participants also talked about the need to strengthen international cooperation against terrorism. Lieutenant Colonel Slavenka Luसिकi from the Ministry of the Interior of the Police Directorate, Serbia, summarized the country’s experience in combating terrorism, especially the Serbian Police Directorate’s experience in cooperating and conducting joint exercises and training with other countries. presented in Intelligence Col Vigneshwari Viswanathan, Army Field Command West, Malaysia, shared his country’s experience and practice in exploring cooperation mechanisms in counter-terrorism and enhancing multilateral cooperation.

“We need openness, I hope countries with professional knowledge and experience against terrorism are willing to share their knowledge and experience with less experienced countries,” the brigadier said. General Evaristo Sakala, Defense Attache at the Zambian Embassy in China, as he spoke of strengthening international cooperation against terrorism.

“The themes of the Great Wall-2022 are the precursors that inspire the study, which ignites a new direction for exploration and study on strengthening international counter-terrorism cooperation in response to a more complex and unstable counter-terrorism situation.” ,” Senior Colonel Yanguang of Mi Chinese PAP’s Falcon Commando Unit told reporters in an interview before the closing ceremony of the stage.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the forum via video link, Major General Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Deputy Commander of the Mobile Police Command of Vietnam, also highly praised the forum, saying that the successful organization of this forum would give new momentum to the international counter. Will come To promote counter-terrorism cooperation and the building of cooperative relations between the law enforcement forces of countries in the world so as to effectively counter terrorism.

This photo taken on August 31, 2022 shows the closing ceremony of the Great Wall-2022 International Forum on Counter Terrorism. The forum was held in Beijing from August 30 to August 31, 2022. (Photo by Lin Kangye)

As an important brand of international military cooperation created by the Chinese PAP, before the Great Wall-2022, the Anti-Terrorism Great Wall International Forum was held in 2016, 2018 and 2019 under the themes of “Urban Counter-Terrorism Strategy”. “Mountain Counter-Terrorism Strategy”, and “Special Force Sniping”, respectively.

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