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Happy Friday, my Friday, friends. What a great show we have tonight. But I say that every night, don’t I, even when it sucks. It’s a coping trick that I picked up from the hosts at “Fox & Friends.” They don’t watch, what do they know?

So here’s a fun survey and by fun I mean agrees with me who was never wrong. A new poll conducted by Politico, which is Spanish for vomit, shows that most Hispanics actually liked the transporting of illegal aliens to left wing sanctuary cities. Yes, it appears this action only upsets white liberals in sanctuary cities who are forced to be compassionate instead of simply pretending to be, they’re also known as —-holes. My apology to actual anuses who perform, who perform a valuable function. Make fun of them all you want, but if you didn’t have one, oh, I would hate to be you. Where am I? But if there’s one thing white liberals are good at, it’s being hypocritical, that and telling me the lunch specials.


In the survey, the question was, would you consider sending migrants to liberal US states and cities to be appropriate or inappropriate? More Hispanics said appropriate and it did so by a six point margin with a plurality of 41%, a plurality. I think we call them a “the.” Only 35% said inappropriate and a remaining 30% said “I’m a better looking version of Pierce Brosnan.” I’ll take it. I’ll take it.

As John Nolte points out in Breitbart, the survey shows that Hispanics opinions are not that different from everyone elses, white Americans feel the policy is appropriate by a similar margin. That’s got to surprise the folks at Politico, but not you or me. We know that common sense knows no borders or pigment, and sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities who boasted always of their willingness to embrace them, that makes total sense.

Illegal immigrants arrive at Martha’s Vineyard Airport on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022.

After all, what could be wrong with giving people what they’re asking for? At least that’s what I tell Larry Kudlow. You know, it’s funny, I knew “harder” was a terrible safe word, which is why it’s so weird to see these left wing cities work with lightning speed to deport these migrants. If they only used that same speed to give Antifa, BLM and outsiders the boot during those riots, hell, they even called in the National Guard. The last time people living on an island overreacted that much, a shark just eaten the Kintner boy. I mean, even in “Jaws,” they let the shark hang out for a week. But it’s now, but it’s old news to you.

The liberals only back their policies as long as they don’t have to deal with the policies, again it’s not in my backyard, well, unless you’re mowing it. They did this with crime, they got private security, they live in gated communities, so, sure, why not defund the police? Why not empty the prisons? It’s easy to scream, “there are too many people behind bars,” when you’re screaming it from behind your own.

And now, after serving as a magnet for migrants, they want nothing to do with them. They kick them to the curb, like Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend on her 25th birthday. I mean, she is getting up there. Start walking slower, anyway. They’re like that one person at work who boasts about volunteering at a soup kitchen once, five years ago and then will never let you forget it, but when you ask them for a favor, they’re like totally swamped.

But back to the poll, it tells you something we’ve also said for years, the migrants from down south are more like you than they are like the left. Seriously, who do you have more in common with, the Hispanic guy who comes out to fix your cable, or Seth Meyers, the woman who cleans your hotel room, or Sunny Hostin, should I say hostile, the guy who delivers your pizza or Brian Stelter? Okay, they are now the same guy, but you get it. Love you, Brian, I’m here for you, and it’s not because they actually want to be in America, but that’s part of it, I think it’s time to hear from someone stupid.

Marthas Vineyard residents line up in front of St.  Andrews Parish House to donate food to the recently arrived migrants.

Marthas Vineyard residents line up in front of St. Andrews Parish House to donate food to the recently arrived migrants.
(Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)


SUNNY HOSTIN: That’s what’s so interesting to me that there are so many Latinos that vote Republican because they vote against their own self-interest. If you are really interested in these types of issues, then you’re a Democrat.

Oh, you are so smart, Sunny, you know so much more than them. What an arrogant bigot. I hate to tell you, Sunny, you could not define their self-interest if you were spotted, the self and the interest. What issues are you interested in any way, that they could possibly care about? You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met a woke Mexican, or a woke Venezuelan or a woke Cuban. Many of them have experienced the consequences of leftism, of wokeism. And like a sanitation truck on a 90 degree day, they could smell that garbage a mile away. Unlike our college kids, you won’t see Carlos Jr. wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt because his parents would have beat his ass, like a conga drum.

I doubt any Central American is going to let a trans activist tell them what’s a nino and what’s a nina. I doubt any Guatemalan is going to embrace gender affirmation surgery for their kids. I doubt any immigrant thinks you can replace fossil fuels with windmills and Greta Thunberg’s tears. But that’s the left, Sunny. So no wonder Hispanics are running from you like you’re COVID with a cold sore. However, here’s one person who gets it.

PAOLA RAMOS: Immigration has truly never been a top issue for Latinos and I think that’s the myth. The myth is if you talk about migrants, even if you show these stories that Latinos will vote for you, that’s not true. Latinos care about the economy. They care about crime. They care about jobs. They care about education. That’s it… Latinos, they’re sending a message. They’re drifting away. They’re walking away from the Democratic Party.

Migrants line up as they wait to be processed by US Border Patrol after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona.

Migrants line up as they wait to be processed by US Border Patrol after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona.
((Photo by allison dinner / AFP) (Photo by ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images))

Now, this shift shouldn’t be the reason why you should embrace immigration. You should embrace it because immigrants are us and not in that old-fashioned way, in that we believe in much of the same things, that content is in the character and character is found in hard work and that there should be no line cutting when you’re coming in. We love process. They love process. Talk to any immigrant who filled out the forms, waited in lines, and waited years. Today they sound like Reagan Republicans minus the khakis. But Dems don’t even see them. They just see votes, and like Biden, after he runs out of metamucil, they really couldn’t give a —-. That’s a setup, you could see that one coming. All right, that always gets the applause.


So to our friends who value family, respect and hard work. Welcome and buenos dias. They might not want you in Martha’s Vineyard, but we have a place in America somewhere for you.

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