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When a person’s sense of identity doesn’t align with their biology, they need support and care from professionals who understand gender dysphoria. While it can be surprising to learn your child is experiencing such feelings, it’s important to take action quickly. People with gender dysphoria have a higher suicide rate than the general population. By practicing the following tips, you and your family can support your child with gender dysphoria:

Offer Love and Support

People experiencing gender dysphoria need to know that they have supporters who love and care about their happiness. Simply acknowledging the challenges your child is facing – and reminding them that you love them unconditionally – can be hugely impactful. Gender dysphoria can be isolating. When a child knows their parents are there for them no matter what, navigating questions of identity becomes easier to shoulder.

Do Your Research

Educating yourself about gender issues is another great way to help your child. Spend some time learning about issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and do a deep dive into gender dysphoria. The more you understand what your child is experiencing, the easier it will be to relate to them and advocate on their behalf. Gender non-conforming children are more likely to be honest with you when they know you’ve done your homework and understand what they’re going through.

Seek Out Gender-Affirming Therapy

Gender affirming therapy can help kids feel confident instead of like they need “fixing.” In gender affirming therapy sessions, kids can delve into topics like trauma, depression, self-harm, shame, sexuality, medical treatments, and more. Therapy creates a safe, inclusive space for kids to be themselves and explore the challenges they’re facing. By allowing for safe exploration of these feelings, you set your child up for the brightest future possible.

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At Azevedo Family Psychology, we specialize in anxiety, stress, trauma, codependency, and other issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community at large. Kym Azevedo is a gender-affirming therapist providing counseling and therapy for children, teens, and adults. Kym can also write gender affirming letters for medical providers so individuals can start their transition if that is something they need. To schedule your session with Kym, call 919-624-9568 today.

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