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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wrong Every Time. I am delighted to return to Hugatto today! Precure, in which we recently saw Homare attempt to reconcile his romantic feelings for a goddamn hamster. I’m frankly not sure how any single episode could end that person’s madness, and to be honest I’m not completely discounting the possibility that it was all a fever dream or a gas leak hallucination, But still we should try our best to continue it. Sometimes high school students falling in love with a hamster is just the thing, and we all have to deal with it in our own way.

With Homare x Housepet safely defused, I think we are nearing the climax of Bishin’s villainous arc. Bishin has really always been more desperate for family recognition than villains, so I think it won’t take too much of a push from our heroes to rehabilitate Harry’s old crewmate. I obviously wouldn’t mind if Bishin formally joins the team, but given that we already have an enemy’s turn, I’d guess “Goth Hamster Precure” is better than this. Too powerful for a concept that exists in the world. If anything, I’m sure we’re in for a blissful time when we return to the world of Hugatto. Let’s do it!

episode 33

We begin with a rare cold open, revealing that Twin Love is actually breaking up as idols. It seems we’ve reached the point in the narrative where all of our protagonists are actually gaining some fame for their chosen features – Saya getting more acting work, Homare’s thinking about international competition, And the sculptures have become local celebrities. I think these developments may give a signal of concern from Hana, as her own path is still completely unclear.

Emiru and Lulu’s “Omigosh We’re On TV” faces are adorable. Love how Lulu is constantly getting more expressive over the past dozen episodes

“Twins love? Are they really that good?” Oh no, Twin Love is attacked by the most disgusting, disgusting, wretched invention in all of God’s creation – a Critic

“Is his voice supposed to be idol or rock? It’s just muddy!” Idols can have electric guitars if they want!

Ha, Pappal actually managed to be their manager. And she says that .. they are going to get “exclusive coverage” of Henry as their next act? I’m frankly not entirely sure what the statues actually do

“Attention! Criasu Corps Recruitment Drive!?” Oh my god, the precursors have been so successful in de-staffing Kriasu that they actually had to look for new employees. Well, I’m sure there are a lot of freshman young college graduates out there just hoping for a spot on the villainous corporate ladder.

Ah, I see, they’re just acting as celebrity interviewers. Unfortunately, that bad review has stolen Emiru’s smile. You have to get used to it, girl; Badly negative reactions are part and parcel of any public-facing media job.

The puppy is cute, waving its fan to try to please Emiru. I’m so glad she’s become a fixture of the friend group in her post-villainous career.

Meanwhile, Bishin tries and utterly fails to intimidate her as her hamster punches a pillow. The animators certainly aren’t helping his cause; She swiftly flips back from the pillow, which results in her swinging her little hamster legs in the air

The apparently blue-haired villain is Risutor, another hamster, and “the first one to leave Harihari”. I think I can see the staffing problem if Criasu is currently run like seventy percent of hamsters

Oh crap, it turns out that Homare still has hamsters on his brain. Along with her skating practice, Prince Harry is seen sweeping her off her feet

Pappal’s mental happy place is a murmur with a dozen versions of him at once. bless this mess of a character

Fantastic cut of Hana imagining her “adult interviewer self” from the shojo manga of the 70s. Drawing on old styles of visual design is always a fun way to define the ages among anime characters – that Koimonogatari OP It is the work of illumination.

Hana followed it up with his most impressive mouth, the Hana Roar.

Emiru’s brother arrives at the exercise, demonstrating once again that he feels bad for Henry.

Henry says that “for me to feel complete, I have to keep winning.” I appreciate that Pappal is here to push back against that sentiment; Most of the characters on this show are so young that they have suffered failure in any lasting, life-affecting way, and thus can still hold onto dreams like eternal ascension and victory. On the contrary, Pappel has essentially already had to start his life at least once, and thus has come to know that you really are. can do Start again, and don’t get discouraged, even if you have to give up on a particular dream

Emiru resolves to be stronger, but it is clear that she is forcing herself. They admit it as the excellent skeptical faces of their friends

Yes Lulu! She actually challenges Henry’s words, wondering whether people should always pursue greater strength. “I want our song to reach far and wide. But to do this, we are hiding a tender heart in a shield.” That’s the terrible deal of basically any career in the arts – to make great art you have to express something you believe to be true and meaningful, which requires some degree of vulnerability in your self-expression. But as your art expands, it will naturally be challenged more and more, forcing you to develop an emotional shell to protect yourself. The balance between expressing yourself honestly and keeping distance to avoid getting hurt is an ongoing conversation for every artist, one that you can only manage for yourself based on your willingness to endure painful reactions.

The paparazzi believe they’ve got their scoop when Henry bends over to help Lulu with her hairband. And that’s another thing – beyond serious personal reactions and critical feedback, you also have an entire industry that thrives on inventing pageants and making your life miserable.

“I can’t live the life you need to get the kind of story you want.” Henry. what a great line

Oh shit, Risutor’s plan to scout Henry!

“Tomorrow is erasing, time is stopping.” Absolutely straightforward description of its company’s products from Love Resutor

“And I thought my next invitation would be to attend Precure.” Goddamn Henry, don’t rub it! We will be very glad to have you!

Emiru actually has a spectacular panic and panic after Henry notices her. we’re really spoiling this episode

Great layout for this episode as well. I love the sense of isolation created by this overarching creation as Lulu relates her fears to Hana. And of course, Hana is the perfect person to comfort Lulu about her fear of being close to someone whose talents are all your own.

“All those rumours, are trying to classify me. If only they were true. Henry is working with some heavy crap This episode, he is attacked by the media by downplaying the “androgynous idol” persona as he is forced to cope with puberty. No wonder she is now sensitive to the allure of stopping time.

“You also taught me something important, Henry. That I should love myself.” “Are you sure you’re only solving your problems, and not mine?” Emiru and Henry have become an unexpectedly wonderful couple

“There’s something I forgot. That’s enough for me to be invincible when Lulu tells me she loves me.” will not please, so make for yourself and for the people you love

“Whatever anyone says, if there’s one person who believes in you, you can do that.” And Emiru’s brother proves himself to be a man of Henry. What an episode!

During the performance, Henry even gave her a kiss. bless these two

Caught by Oshimeda once again, Henry can only laugh when stuck in the same position.

The team has so many threatening powerups and transformations that it takes about a quarter of an episode to get them all to the point. Even Houghton’s got an outfit switch now!

“I look forward to a world and time where we can all live freely as we wish.” Henry is a goddamn icon. every episode of them is great

Oh, but he still has some kind of injury to his ankle. Is his career doomed from the start!?

And it is done

Goddamn That was a good episode! Between Emiru and Henry, we tackled a wide range of complex and poignant themes, from the inherent dangers of life as an artist to the more specific constraints that compel Henry’s identity. Henry once again proved himself to be one of Hugoto’s most compelling characters, and though I would have loved for him to join the Precure team, it really feels like there’s something more complicated for him in this story. Reflective, insightful, and yet full of goofy Precure energy, this was a top-notch episode by any metric. Keeps Precure Strong!

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