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We love this time of year! Well, admittedly, this year the weather has clearly not been idyllic, but it is still such a fun time of year. Of course, fun times include challenges too so it is not all roses (or in the case of Terra Nova, buttercups) but together the good times and challenges make for one amazing experience as an educator.

The children that are leaving preschool and getting ready for a new adventure, are exploding with energy, confidence and knowledge. We have been working hard at allowing them space to just be and play, without us interfering so much, and yet also gently guiding them to make good decisions in all areas- their physical risky play and their social and emotional play. The delicate balance of these two ways of being hard- we spend a lot of time as a team de-briefing, trying new strategies and supporting their ideas, whilst fitting into our framework.

The returning children are also completely settled in and enjoying their comfort level in knowing this place and their classmates. It is beautiful to see friendships solidify, children deepening their explorations and looking closely.

The following photographs represent some of these ideas and words. Enjoy!

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PS thanks to the team for capturing these moments!

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