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(4 minutes) If anything was missing from Biden’s fiery Labor Day speech it was the scene. If our president is finally trying to reach those lost in right-wing information, congratulations. But it needs to use techniques proven by advertising agencies: images, branding and repetition – to be most effective.

Study this map fast. Red is autocracy; Yellow is democracy; Orange democracy is under attack. There are more people ruled by autocrats than those ruled by democracies. Autocrats have more land than democracies. Autocratic rule by force has been the norm on planet Earth since the Babylonian city-states 8000 years ago. Democracy is the newcomer in this struggle. If it were not for the nuclear arsenal and military superiority of the United States, the autocrats would have taken over the entire planet by now. Taking the planet is the goal of autocrats, now more than ever. The internet has something to do with it.

Only five years ago the map was more pale (democratic). Brazil, Turkey and Hungary effectively rebounded without firing a shot. Their governments went from democratic to oligarchic autocracy through their own people who were unknowingly voting in oligarchs, just like we did with Trump here in America. And although Trump is on the ropes, the functionality of American democracy is still under attack by most GOP congressmen. The sold-out industrialists and corporate media are fanning this fire for profit. The trend is global.

Putin knew that he could not defeat America with bombs. no one could. So they hired thousands of Russians to infiltrate our social media in 2016. there were Russian citizens attending the 2016 GOP Convention, And now, as we approach the midterms, a coalition of the GOP and autocracy has installed midterm candidates who have openly said they will overturn democracy – the will of the people – if they do not win.

14th Amendment Section 3 apparently no one who was in the rebellion – or even says rest A rebel may be in government, state, federal or judicial. The issue with the amendment is that the last sentence says they can be removed by a 2/3 vote in Congress. He had not yet predicted that someday 50% of the Congress would be pro-rebellion.

But the spirit of the 14th Amendment, created after America’s Civil War, is clear, and we must strengthen its words to reflect what its authors had in mind. Those in the government who will not openly refute the big lie and speak openly against the rebels do not deserve the vote by 2/3 Congress in its own test. Where in law do we give a chance to the criminals accused of inciting violence to sit on their own jury?

The current United States administration, along with NATO countries, Australia, and the few remaining democracies, have Putin’s grand plan to help the autocrat take over the entire planet. This is the only way dictators can survive for long.

And make no mistake about who the alpha-male is in this global brotherhood of dictators. That station is always taken by the most powerful in the group, as is the case with wolves. Although Russia is not a huge force economically, Putin himself is worth hundreds of billions by occupying the biggest businesses in Russia. Putin’s vast wealth was one of the major reasons candidate Trump never said a single bad word about him.

financial delinquent 101

And of course, after Trump won the 2016 election with much help from his Russian ally, Putin made it clear that he was in debt. This is how financial criminals work. Financial criminals at this stage know that they can completely avoid eventual prosecution by simply seizing their government.

Payback due Putin, and possibly others, is the most logical reason Trump took top secret documents to Mar-a-Lago. I hope the DOJ knows this. Trump knew the risks. He knows what happened to Rosenberg. He doesn’t need the money so badly as to put his life or liberty at risk. And he loves himself very much. It suggests that he is, in a pinch, the way Manafort committed his treasonous crimes, for which Trump pardoned him.

This figure was Donald Trump and is still compromised. And he had confidential documents. That 100% means that whoever wanted them has by now. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael Cohen. Trumpism is now a national security issue. The Biden administration knows this, at least now. Good. Better late than never. But Joe, you have to arrest the man to stop the plan. I’m not sure that being afraid of being “political” should be a concern. Donald Trump was fine with “Hang on to Mike Pence: They’re not going to worry about being political if Trumpism takes control.

Russian mob from the 80s

I had a business in Atlantic City New Jersey in the 80’s and I came across a union of people known as Russian mob, Trump had several aides with a Russian accent, introduced by his first wife, Ivana. Some of them became my customers. Melania Knoss (Trump) eventually became a client as well.

The Russian mob had their fingers in basic crimes like store robbery, truck robbery and over time, they climbed up the ladder in real estate fraud. The profits and spoils of the Russian mob were mostly taken back to the countries they came from. Russian mob players were here to plunder the United States, just as the Vikings did a thousand years ago. Most people don’t know that the first Russian king was a Swedish Viking named Rurik. (862 AD) The dynasty of kings and queens of England also started with Vikings. William the Conqueror was from Normandy, France, but his grandfather was a Viking who had been given Normandy by the French aristocracy, so he would not seize Paris. The Vikings had the right fear. When they plundered a country, the ruling men killed and forcibly took away their wives and children.

Autocrats are money launderers in their own way. They need the cooperation of foreign governments to provide a safe haven for their stolen loot as the people being looted are citizens of their own country. That is why Russian oligarchs own real estate in New York. They are keeping those assets safe, just in case the people ever regain power in Mother Russia. and vice versa. This is why Trump has hotels in Turkey, and his banks are rarely American. So when we get out of the hands of autocratic rulers we use their financial sanctions. Autocrats are an informal union of people based on their common goals. I call it “Dictators United”.

The Internet Changed Everything for Autocrats

In 1996, the Internet began connecting the world at an indiscriminate speed. I’m old enough to remember something called “The Iron Curtain”. It was a physical and communication wall placed between the USSR and the NATO counties of Europe. The Berlin Wall was part of that Iron Curtain.

Autocrats prefer that their people be blinded to the status of citizens in countries that provide a better standard of living for their citizens. People cannot seek better if they do not know that better exists elsewhere. The Internet has made it nearly impossible to blind people to the situation in other countries – although Russia, China and North Korea still do quite well at it.

Joe Biden’s speech on 1 September 2022 finally made it clear that he knew what was at stake. Six years late, but there is still time to save our democracy. I wanted Obama to give this speech here “Russia, if you’re listening”,

But words alone are not easily remembered. That’s why advertisers use images and jingles to keep their products easily rememberable. It is the coordination of the two senses that paves the way for better memory. Songs without melody do not stick in the mind. And words without an image are easily forgotten.

So if there’s one thing I want the Biden administration to do with all the blogs I’ve written over the past six years, it’s show the map. Fear is a great motivator. We need to be scared – as we did in WW2. American voters will know what’s at stake — eventually — once they look at that map again and again. And yes, it will remain with MAGA voters who are not completely lost in the rabbit hole of misinformation. Redraw the map if necessary. Many Americans Don’t Even Know What monotony Meaning – but everyone can identify themselves with a risk board.

Autocrats want America to be more fascist than any other country. Look at the map again. If the USA turns over, they will quickly and easily roll over to the rest of the world. Putin is currently trying to show this strategy to other dictators in Ukraine. He should be stopped. Trump has to stop. classical meaning of to arrest To stop the process of something or someone. The threat to democracy will be more dangerous until plans Two of these people have been arrested.

Trump’s House Search Confirms Top Secret Documents Have Disappeared

Today they announced that top secret documents are missing. And his passports were found mixed with secret documents. This day was predictable. Trump has no stop button – never did. And it is certain that Putin was expected to return for 2016 election aid and will pay Trump a ransom once he steps down. The only person Trump would trust with such objectionable information is Jared Kushner – male close family members. This is how Trump rolls. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael Cohen. Now that this is a national security issue, it must guarantee to secretly obtain Kushner’s electronic communications data. I hope there’s more going on in the DOJ that we know about.

SCOTUS Justice wife, Ginny Thomas, recently said “There are no rules in war”. We have to recognize that we are at war. The enemies of democracy are playing for mercy, as if it were a war. If we fail to do so, I cannot yet imagine how the United States will be a functional democracy even after 2024 or earlier. Time is not on our side. The medium term should be about democracy first. That’s all I wanted to say today.

Joseph Aronesti – Creator of the Autocracy Vs Democracy Map Meme – 2017 – Use it or lose it.

ps. Advice for the administration of Joe Biden.

People’s memories work in some predictable ways. Trump won the election in the past two weeks. The guys at MAGA can switch legs as fast as they went for it. If he is a traitor, as I know and know, then expose it completely. People are loyal to their family and no one likes a traitor.

Joe Biden should open a hot-line and online portal for Trump voters. Perhaps enable direct email on Twitter and hire employees to filter, collect data, and trace back to serious inquirers. Ask them what they want from their government, but also ask what they can do to help make it happen. Biden in his speech called MAGA Voters. To win easily, he needs now call them in, They’re not all bad.

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