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The Tesla Model 3 has a lot of functionality, but the front USB ports are always insufficient because you’ll need to connect your music to a flash drive, operate a boombox with a flash drive, and use USB to rapidly charge your mobile phones and tablets. are required to do. Due to the growing trend of gaming at Tesla, two USB ports aren’t nearly enough, and finding a compatible USB hub has become the first accessory needed after vehicle delivery.

Recently, Tesla upgraded its center console design, adding a sliding door and two USB-C charging ports. Now located on the front in the center console, the ports are in an awkward spot for charging devices.

In response to the refreshed center console, Tesla accessories brand Jovua has a redesigned hub, designed with driver behavior in mind. The Jovua LED Hub has four important selling points: fast charging, data transfer, dynamic power control and LED lighting.

Jovua’s 2021 LED Hub is specially designed for the 2021 Model 3/Y refreshed central console and comes with a host of innovative features.


Installing the Jovua LED Hub is easy—just plug the two USB-C Mail ports into the two USB-C ports in the center console.


1. Charging: 27W PD3.0 Fast Charging

The Jovua LED Hub has a total of five sets of USB ports: 2 x USB-C and 3 x USB-A. Along with the PD 3.0 fast charging protocol, these two USB-C ports support separate 27W and 18W outputs. When you want to quickly charge a mobile phone, tablet or portable power bank, two USB-C ports are the best option. The other USB-A port is recommended for charging GoPro, wireless headphones, and other small electronic devices.

The dynamic power control of Jowooa LED Hub is as follows:

  • USB-C (No.1) Directly use a Model 3/Y car USB-C current, full output 27W, not shared by other ports.
  • The USB-C (number 2) and other three USB-A ports use the power of the other USB-C ports, for a total of 27W.
  • USB-C (number 2) has a full output of 18W, which isn’t shared by the other ports.
  • USB-A (3 ports) supports output up to 7.5W individually. When using multiple ports at once, it shares 27W with USB-C (No. 2).

Summarizing the above, Jovua LED Hub can provide a maximum charging output of up to 27W + 27W simultaneously. The first USB-C port supports up to 27W full charging speed, and the second USB-C supports up to 18W charging. The remaining 9W can be shared by the other three USB-A ports for charging low-power devices. If USB-C (18W) is not used, three USB-A ports will use that power, supporting up to 27W total. So, if five devices need to be charged at the same time, the Jowua LED Hub will have absolutely no problems.


2. Data Transfer: Connecting Game Controller and Music Flash Drive

There are two important uses for USB ports in Teslas beyond charging, both of which require data transfer – they require reading a USB stick to play high-resolution music, and in wireless game controllers connected to a Bluetooth dongle. Requires reading input. The five ports included in Jovua’s 2021 LED Hub all support data transfer, and can all do so simultaneously.


3. Dynamic power control: automatic intelligent distribution of available power

People using cheap hubs in the early days have encountered a “USB device failure” warning when using all ports. This happens when the USB current is not managed properly, so if too many devices are plugged in, the hub will crash. Jovua has introduced a Dynamic Power Control System from its previous LED Hub, which has a special, built-in chip and controller to automatically distribute the power supply to all devices. Even when all five ports are being used, each charging device will be automatically and dynamically adjusted and optimized to protect both the devices and importantly the vehicle.


4. LED Light: No longer looking for things in the dark

Following Jovua’s previous Hub products, the LED light is present again, but with a slightly different design. The LED light is now vertical to illuminate a darker and wider area. Due to the refreshed center console’s new sliding door design, they have removed the light sensor on older models, as it would be too easy to activate accidentally, and have been replaced with a simple on/off button, which in one position The set is easily accessible by the driver.


Jovua’s center console tray organizer matches perfectly with the 2021 LED Hub, and they’re the ideal combo for refreshing center console, satisfying storage and charging needs one at a time. With the tray organizer, you can charge your devices under the tray and keep your console tidy.

The all-new USB Hub console costs $69 and is currently available to order.

Jovua is giving TMC readers $5 off their purchase of the Jovua Hub. Simply visit Jowua’s website and use the TMC5 code at checkout.

Whether you have a fresh 2021 Tesla Model 3/Y or an older model, Jovua has a solution for your lighting, data transferring and charging needs.

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