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Reza Shojai Reveals Her Journey to Successfully Founding a Million Dollar Company

Dedication is required not only to be successful but to be on top of the game at all times.
Shojaei and his team are dedicated to serving their customers in the best possible way. In addition to his team, Shojaei also plays on various iGaming sites before recommending them to his customers.

Reza Shojai explains that he stated his concept where hundreds of suspicious websites provided similar services. “Due to our hard work and the trust of our customers, our business today has become a source to check the authenticity of such sites and has grown manifold,” he explains.

According to Shojai, one must be obsessed with what he does. This will motivate you to go to office daily. “This positivity should be reflected in your work which in turn will inspire your colleagues. Then give your best and watch your business grow,” Shojai says.

Shojai played online poker for over 15 years. When he decided to pursue the business of
Giving advice on iGaming sites, people expected them to fail. “But I was absolutely convinced that this is what I wanted to do for a living because I had played online casino games for over a decade. This belief gave me the courage and confidence to follow my passion. given,” he says.
Reza’s company with presence in over 100 countries casinotop.com Recently bought Casinotopp.net based in Scandinavia, beating out all others in the top online casino affiliate sites around the world. The tremendous deal was closed for an astonishing €10.5M. Not only this, the brand has further forayed into Sweden by launching a Swedish casino. CasinoLicense.
These sites have gained massive traction in no time, and as a result, have gained the trust of thousands of casino players across the globe. The brands serve over 120 geographic markets which goes to show how quickly and widely both sites have expanded to reach the masses.
Speaking about the daily efforts he and his team put in, Reza explains that they all work several hours per day to ensure that their readers get the best information regarding the latest updates in the iGaming market .
“True and honest unbiased reviews, and pro tips and guidance on how to do things in the online casino space. We are continuing to push the envelope to bring our audiences even more valuable data and information that is now relevant is,” he says.

According to Reza, it is always about changing the mindset of putting the iGaming community first and providing better and more efficient services with easier access.
“This is by no means an easy feat, but with our combined passion and dedication, we are on a fast track to become the most trusted online casino resource globally,” he says.
In the end, honesty and valuable services can only take you so far, says Reza. “Business also needs reliable and passionate employees and dependable partners. When the business is run with integrity, keeping the customer in mind, money will follow and the business will naturally grow,” says Reza.

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