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Happy Equinox / Mabon One of the 4 major turning points of the year.

The second equinox of the year is here because day and night are equal. The Sun enters the sign of LIBRA which here in the Northern Hemisphere marks the beginning of autumn and spring below.

The equinox is only one of the two days in the year equal to day and night. This is very important when you think about it. There is an equal amount of light and darkness everywhere on earth today. It is the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern. Here in the north the days are getting shorter and we are in the feminine yin time of the year. We’re heading north here into the death and sleep part of the natural year, while our southern neighbors will begin to see spring.

Starting from tomorrow’s new moon, many festivals are being celebrated in different major religions. It is the year 5778 of the Jewish New Year. It also coincides with the Islamic New Year which is rare. Happy New Year to all my family friends and customers.

Happy MABON Wiccan Pagan Celtic Antique 8 Wheel of the Year Turning Point. The third major season in the natural year begins with spring. this is the element of air, Isolation, communication – while Mercury is retrograde at 0 degrees LIBRA joins the Sun a few hours after the equinox/

It’s time for Libra. This is one of the major cardinal turning points of the year.

Libra is traditionally a sign of relationship marriage. This is a sign of karmic justice in Tarot #8 that begins the next three months’ journey.

It is very important to focus on living a balanced life in all respects: in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ways. Check out what you need to bring more balance to your life. It is a pleasant socialization time. up here Answer, as it gets colder and darker sociability helped our ancestors to survive. Get out of the network and communicate and engage. Libra is ruled by Venus and is in the diligent Virgo where she practically organizes work and pays attention to the pet and perfection of the health community. With the seasons changing, this is a good time to start yoga or change your diet. Venus in the shadow of Virgo is critical. The need to balance this is now important.

His is one of the most powerful of the 4 cardinal entry points in the year and it signifies the conditions for the next three months. It’s important to study the Sun’s entry into LIBRA at 6:04 p.m. PDT / 9:04 a.m. EDT / Sept. 23 at 1:04 a.m. GMT.

Physically and spiritually this day signifies the balance and necessary complementary polarity of day, night, yin, yang and all things positive and negative in this universe.

In the pagan tradition the autumnal equinox is called MABON. So Happy Mabon, Maize Doli is made and thanks for that harvest crops.

Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the west pole of 2 days of perfect balance between day and night throughout the year.

Libra is the measure of justice

The constellation of Libra, not to be confused with the sign of Libra, was associated in antiquity with the Egyptian goddess JUSTICE -MAAT

egyptian goddess

After death weighs the heart against its ostrich feather in the Hall of Judgment

After death the heart of the deceased was weighed by the crown of his pure white ostrich feather. If one’s heart were heavier than his feather, the deceased would have lived on earth as long as his heart was light, balanced without remorse.

I’ve always loved that story.

This is Mabon in Celtic nature festivals. A great time to honor this change in seasons with a ceremony. Build an altar and place fruits and leaves as a token of gratitude. Use fall colors and say prayers and intentions for what you will create in the next quarter.

The famous, and rightly so, Indian yogi Yogananda said that the best time to start practicing meditation was on the vernal equinox or the Aries equinox.

An idea that was born in the spring as a seed, has blossomed, is sown again and ready to be harvested and then dies to return to the earth for renewal, the next spring in new To feed life, and so forth. Think about where you were 6 months ago. What happened in your life?

I led a beautiful vernal equinox ceremony on Lake Ontario because my son Elijah asked me to do it because he knows rituals I love to do. I have a picture on my Instagram account from March 20. We had a lovely gathering of friends and pals while our cat was dying at the gala. He died after midnight of 21 March,

LIBRA is a sign of relationships, traditionally 7th house in astrology is marriage

Libra is definitely ruled by the goddess of love Venus,

Where is Venus in your birth chart? Where is the symbol of LIBRA? What does the 7th house of your marriage/committed relationship hold or lack of planetary energy?

autumn equinox/spring equinox
There is a Power Gate, one of the 4 main cardinal gates of the year.

We are entering a time of darkness rising here in the north. I will have to be a respondent here and speak of the northern hemisphere which I am more familiar with.

AUTUMN EQUINOX marks the beginning of entering and entering deeper femininity in the dark and mysterious months., It’s a time of hibernation, rest and reflection Like nature sleeps till spring revives life.

The time to tune into our dreams is especially when Jupiter re-enters Pisces a day before the entry point of Capricorn, the winter solstice from October 27/28 to December 20. I will be taking an 8 week online Dream Healing Temple Course. Stay tuned for that. $222 For 8 weeks live course.

The Libra equinox celebrates marriage and everyone’s equality and complementary poles.

Celebrate the integration of the masculine into the feminine and vice versa.

It is time for holy marriage.

At the autumnal equinox we thank the sun and the earth for the harvest of foods that will help us survive the long cold bare winter months. We welcome the beautiful colors of leaves that magically change from green to orange, gold, yellow, red and brown. Autumn. We frolic in a mound of soft crunchy leaves. We honor change, life and death.

We surrender what no longer serves us, we surrender to old age, let go, face death as a necessary part of life, another pregnancy. We face the unknown of the harsh winter months ahead. We pray that we and our loved ones remain safe and sound with the love and blessings of the Goddess, so that we may live to see the birth of light on the winter solstice.

Watch my short 3 minute video on EQuinox

long video to follow

Make new intentions now. Three months until December 21, the winter solstice, a quarter.

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