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On July 28, 2022, we have a new moon at 5° Leo. new moon in Leo It’s our annual opportunity to connect with your heart.

Leo rules all good things in astrology: love, warmth, joy, generosity, courage – but also arrogance, pride and arrogance.

What makes some Leos “brave” and others “cowardly lions”?

There are of course many explanations – “any sign has positive and negative qualities”, “one’s level of emotional maturity” and so on.

The way I understand it astrologically, is that signs that share similar modalities build on each other’s qualities.

Leo is a fixed sign; The last fixed sign is Taurus.

Taurus Where we learn to love ourselves. Key words from Taurus such as “senses”, “good food”, “massage”, “laziness”, are all rooted in self-love, in our ability to love ourselves, and do things that are good for us.

If it goes well, then in the next fixed sign, LeoWe express this new found love in our environment. Just as the Sun gives light and warmth, the Leo who loves himself is bright, loving and generous.

Again if this process goes well, then in the next fixed mark, ScorpioWe learn how to share love with another, finding true intimacy.

And if the story of Scorpio also goes well, then AquariusWe share our love with humanity at large.

Leo – love yourself first

But what if we don’t learn to love ourselves in Taurus? What if we don’t feel worthy of indulging in our morning coffee, or take time off when we’re tired?

We will then try to find this self-worth in the next fixed sign, Leo.

If Aries, Taurus, Gemini – or the first quadrant of the zodiac “Self”, Cancer, Leo and Virgo – the second quadrant – are our environment, So if we do not find love within ourselves, we seek it in our surroundings.

That’s why Leo needs feedback, approval. They receive validation from how others react to everything a Leo says or does: if the feedback is positive, it means they are qualified; If it is not, it means they are ineligible.

And who wants to feel unworthy? No one, and especially not Leo.

So the Leo will then begin to change their natural behavior in a way that they believe will be recognized consciously or unconsciously.

But no external validation will fill the void that needs to be filled in Taurus.

No one else will show us love until we love ourselves first.

Once this self-love dynamic is understood and integrated, Leos get to do what they do best: shine, create, spread love and joy, be brave and generous.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the heart of our solar system. In human physiology, Leo rules the real heart. The heart pumps life into our bodies and keeps us alive.

Similarly, when we connect with our Leo energy, we feel alive and attuned to our purpose. We are not afraid to express our true selves – in fact, we understand that this is the only possible way to conduct ourselves. We are what we are, and nothing is real.

New Moon in Leo – straight from the heart

new moon in Leo There is an opportunity to connect with our heart, to connect with this mighty force of truth within each of us.

The stakes are high – we can try to use this force to fill our self-love void, invalidating our true nature, or we can simply be ourselves and live straight from the heart.

the good news is that Amavasya is ternary Jupiter in Leo, bringing optimism and clarity. It is a beautiful sight new moon – a true chance to connect with our hearts and our purpose.

New Moons are golden opportunities to start afresh. If you haven’t lived purposefully now, that may change. You don’t have to keep going down the same old path. You can hit the reset button and start living with your heart.

New Moon trine Jupiter will fill you with hope and optimism that it is possible to lead a purposeful life.

Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing.

we have a Fixed T-Square Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars, with the North Node and Uranus in Taurus. There is a huge push for change – but there is also a huge resistance to change.

Accept the stress. This isn’t an invitation to take on battles you can’t win – just pay attention to the different parts of yourself that may be at war with each other.

Accept the way the world is pushing your buttons (Saturn in Aquarius). accept your reaction to fight back and let go them Know what you think (Mercury in Leo).

Accept the North Node/Uranus invitation to step into the unknown.

And remember that there is a place where you can understand it all, a place that always knows what is best for you: your heart.

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