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On September 25, 2022, we have a new moon in Libra,

Amavasya 2. is on bent and it Opposite Jupiter (at 3° Aries), which gives us a risk appetite. Ready, Set, Action?

not enough. new moon ruler, Venus conjunction Mercury is retrogradeSo there are some ideas to make.

We have 2 scenarios.

one sideThe new moon in Libra opposite Jupiter asks us to resolve the dichotomy: Give peace a chance (New Moon in Libra) while standing up for our own beliefs and beliefs (Jupiter in Aries).

Amavasya in Libra and Jupiter in Aries are resolution oriented. They really want to find a consensus, but to straighten things out they will put up a fight first. There’s a lot of cardinal energy hiding around the bush.

On the other hand, Venus, the new moon ruler Mercury retrograde, asks us to consider a different course of action. There can be a change in our mind – or change or heart – that will open up new possibilities and help us see an entirely different perspective.

How many times have we told ourselves, “That was the only thing that could have happened” in attempts at justification… when in reality, there is always another way, there is always a better way?

Finding a win-win scenario that is really at the heart of any new moon in Libra requires a different approach.

To find a new way, a better way, we must let go of our expectations, our agendas and simply “be”. We should really accept the other and try to understand where they are coming from.

Then and only then can we find a solution where everyone wins.

Venus Opposite Neptune – Will Love Find a Way?

The new moon in the Libra chart presents an interesting aspect pattern. Venus, the new moon ruler, is the propeller of a kite with Neptune on top. The kite is a faceted pattern that connects the 4 planets in a geometric configuration that looks like a wind kite.

The most important planet in this new moon kite is Venus in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces. Neptune at the top of the kite tells us to aim high, and surrender to the unconditional love from which the universe is flowing.

But do we have what it takes? Are we ready – and capable – to let go of the one-sided mental and related models that keep us stuck in the past, and isolating us from others?

Venus in Virgo plays an important role here. Not only is she the ruler of the new moon, but she is also the driving force of the kite. the stakes are high.

Virgo, Scorpio, Libra in Relationships

Curiously, Venus is in decline and loss in Virgo and Scorpio, and is in domicile in the middle sign: Libra.

What does Venus in Libra do so right, but she has a hard time embracing in her neighboring signs?

Firstly, if your Venus is in Virgo or Scorpio, there is nothing wrong with this position. People who have Venus in Virgo or Scorpio, the chances of finding love and happiness are the same as in any other position of Venus. However, the approach to getting there is counter intuitive.

Libra is a sign of relationships, more precisely, a sign of equal relationships. The sign of Libra is a scale. The vernal act (equinox, when day equals night) occurs in Libra. Before and after, we have unequal relationships.

Before Libra is Virgo, so a Virgo relationships are uneven due to lack of experience, Scorpio is after Libra, so Scorpio relationships are uneven due to too much experience,

in relationships, Virgos They are tempted to adopt the same approach in their daily lives: work hard, prove themselves, give more than they take. “If only I’d go to the gym every day and lose those pounds”. This obsession with perfection can also be projected onto another “if only that loving, smart, mature, educated, funny, sexy, loyal (…) person would come into my life”.

Virgo people approach relationships like a project. Virgos are very good at working on themselves… However, when we build relationships, we enter a whole new field. What worked so well in the “self” realm no longer applies in relationships.

Instead they should realize that the relationship is a North Node area, surrender and allow their partner to take the lead.

Scorpio takes the opposite view. Scorpio knows very well what relationships are about. They’re a sign after Libra, aren’t they? been there done that. They know the inside and outside of being related. That’s why they are great psychologists. That’s why he is the master of intimacy.

But the mistake they make is that they expect their partner to feel the same way they do. Scorpio will not give up, they will seek control and play relationship chess until their partner loves them as deeply and intensely as they do.

Downfall? They can wait a lifetime for this to happen. A better approach is to showcase your strengths and take an emotional leadership role in the relationship. To admit that there are Virgos out there who don’t know what love is, and are waiting for someone to show them.

Scorpio’s intuitive attitude is to freeze, wait, and control… when a better approach would be to use their emotional gifts.

New moon in Libra – dawn of a new day

In Libra, between Virgo and Scorpio, we find a balance between “not being good enough” and “being good enough for someone else.”

Libra knows that relationships are unknown territory, so they approach them with an early heart. And when a balance is found between “I” and “you”, something magical happens.

Love appears suddenly.

With Venus in Virgo opposite the new moon and Neptune in Libra, an important question arises: Will love find a way?

The Sabian symbol of the new moon in Libra gives us a sign: “The dawn of a new day shows that everything has changed”. Every day is an opportunity to start with a beginner’s heart.

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