Next Earth  | August | Monthly Recap | Metaverse Updates

Hey NextEarthians,

August, what a month. It’s safe to say the we closed summer with a boom.

Let’s take a closer look at our birthday celebration and recent updates.

Next Earth Launch: We are proud to announce our first Launchpad Project and its kickoff date.

Rising Star is an experienced digital motion capture company, based in Los Angeles, that worked, works and has future contracts with A level celebrities and companies. From Usher, and Snoop Dogg, to Hugh Jackman’s Dogpound, from world famous fighters to Formula 1, they are there in the heat of the action.

IDO: Sept 20

Tier system: This tier system will determine how you can take part in Next Earth’s most important activities. Users will be allocated for the Launchpad and NXTT Staking based on this system. There are five tiers from Tier 1 being the most powerful tier, down to Tier 5, the entry level tier.

The higher tier you are in, the better prices you will gain access to on the Launchpad from the amazing projects that will be continuously rolled out on the platform from September, starting with Rising Star.

The higher tier you are in, the better stake rewards you will be eligible for compared to those in lower tiers. Don’t forget, we are one community, so every tier delivers amazing utilities, but dedication delivers more. This is the crypto way.

FIAT payment: From now on anybody can buy land on Next Earth directly with bank card! YES, this means that FIAT payment is possible on Next Earth from today on.

Our Web3 ecosystem is being built in the background and is receiving its final touches, so our business focus remains, but since the majority of internet users are far from being experienced in crypto, we decided to make their lives easier by implementing this possibility.

Read our full “birthday announcements” blog post HERE.

Increasing IT and product transparency.

Devlog available on our Discord server from August.

Product development logs will get posted on our blog every once in a while. These logs should help you understand what we’re working on and what is to come for Next Earth.

Here are the first four logs straight from the keyboard of David Taylor,

Netflix for the Metaverse
Dynamic NFTs, Mines and other Entities
Next Earth 2.0, build your own Campaign
Nth dimension layers on Next Earth

We turned one year old!

Our map became available for our earliest community members on the 17th of August, 2021. We celebrated this anniversary with three major announcements and a Birthday Special Live,

10% cashback campaign

The “Buyback, Burn, 10% cashback” campaign ended with August, we hope you had the opportunity to score some NXTT and the 10% bonus.

We’ll be back with the details of the buyback & burn in our September monthly recap.

  • 8,550 lands minted (555,727 total)
  • 142 new landowners (45,987 total)
  • 63 fewer token holders (8,658 total)
  • 22,117 MATIC marketplace volume (1918 transactions)
    Milano Central (1100 MATIC)
    Siegessule (1000 MATIC)
    Stadium Olimpico (866 MATIC)

Impressed? Join our community and enter the metaverse!

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