November 23, 2022 Astrology Forecast | Astrology News

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I have the necessary courage,
to go into the unknown,
Humbly believing that as I seek,
I will be shown the truth.

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Hola Rocketeer!

Are you ready for takeoff? Let’s hope so! And let’s all pool our energy, build it, light it on fire, and move on! We should no longer be held hostage by limited, materialistic belief systems that do not know the power of anything we cannot touch, taste, smell, see or hear. There is much more to life, Reality and existence compare to what we have been told, taught, preached or presented that it is a shame. an insult. This kind of mockery seems to have been deliberate.

However, this is the beginning of a new era, a new generation, a new earth. And make no mistake about it, the established forces fear it, oppose it and are doing their best to stop it. However, we are aware of their limited egoistic materialistic manipulations as we are aware of the soul, the unseen, the unheard (except in the heart of the hearer), the etheric energy and the subtle beings that pervade, support, Let’s connect and meet it material world.

We know the power of faith, hope, compassion, forgiveness and above all love. These powerful universal forces pervade the world we live in and are fundamental to its functioning. The power of faith, the power of meditation, the power of thought, the power of love, these powers and many more are very real and very powerful. But of course, they’re like muscles, and they need to be used so as not to atrophy. We need to practice, practice and practice some more!

Let us all cultivate the power of faith with this new moon cycle in the sign of faith, and join our hearts and minds to envision and empower the experience of a new Earth. By doing this repeatedly, honestly, and in ever-increasing numbers of times, In the face of adversity, we will give birth to a new reality.

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I have the necessary courage,
to go into the unknown,
Humbly believing that as I seek,
I will be shown the truth.

as rocket man Video Shows well, you can go it alone with the North Node in Taurus and this Sagittarius sign for now. While “all who wander is not lost,” the archetypal image of the hero on his journey (or the heroine on her journey) implies A single, self-initiated pursuit that needs to be undertaken by each individual alone. We cannot push, force or lead others on this quest. They should make the path of truth themselves. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned in the report is the dissonant aspects happening between Mercury, Venus and Uranus. These are indicators of even more surprises! Like the sudden, shocking debacle of FTX, we too can rock our boats with unexpected news/changes.

Just as Indiana Jones is searching for the lost ark, be prepared for anything to stay alert, but don’t get distracted, blocked, or put off. This life is a wild adventure, and to make the most of it, We need to embrace the wild man/woman from time to time, and this is one of those “once in a while”! So give a hoot and a holler, get on that horse and ride!

here it is Chhatra Chakra Varti Meditation To relax and overcome depression/anxiety. There’s an introduction, and the meditation begins 4:00.

maybe you a rocket Man?

So much love,

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Kayapacha Unplugged: future state of planet earth

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