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Rahu in tenth house with remedy:-

Rahu in 10th house can bring good results in your career. Your inclination towards earning a good name and fame and will rise to heights in your profession. You will improve your performance in this period to reach the top position in your work or business. You may get rewards and promotions during the main and sub-period of Rahu. The native will be ambitious and Rahu in the tenth house will fulfill many wishes of the native.

The tenth house signifies career and professional success. This househouse indicates the type of profession you do, the amount of respect and honor you earn, the popularity, name and fame you get in life, and your image in the social circle. This house also governs the responsibilities that can be assigned to you and how you can handle them.

Here Rahu Can inspire you to develop your knowledge and help you advance your career. You can take a professional course which will improve your career prospects and create opportunities for your professional growth.

Your work related to travel, foreign contacts, government contacts and foreign transactions will bring you a lot of success. You will also get benefits from foreign lands and government officials. You may travel to a foreign land to fulfill your desires along with professional excellence and success. A job in MNC will bring you good progress and prosperity.

You can also get a lot of commercial success, especially if you are doing business related to export and import from a foreign country. You may visit some overseas countries and expand your business with some business tie-ups.

Your finances will increase after 44, and life will be stable. After the age of 33, there will be no shortage of money in any part of life. You can start earning from very young age and after puberty you will become a well established person. After the age of 33, there will be a good growth in your earnings and finances.

You will be inclined towards adventurous activities and may like to travel to exotic and adventurous destinations where one can go trekking and explore new places. Learning about new places, languages ​​and cultures will attract you the most.

Rahu in Kundli:-

If Rahu is in the tenth house of your horoscope, then you will get good business success after middle age. In a fiery or dual sign, it will take you to new heights. However, if Rahu lacks power and becomes inauspicious, it can land you mysterious obstacles and obstacles in life. Rahu in 10th house in any horoscope will never bring average results in career. You may look for delay in success but will taste success with popularity and happiness and may get good position. With Rahu in the 10th house, one can also expect gains from one’s profession, which may come with delays and struggles after the age of 33 years. However, the natives will always try to attract attention and be the center of attraction. However, Rahu in the tenth house will make you restless and dissatisfied till the age of 42 years. Also, with Rahu in the tenth house, there may be a desire to achieve leadership role and fame in the society. With Rahu in the 10th house, many career opportunities and possibilities can be expected. Natives will excel with their oratory skills. The native will be courageous with wisdom and knowledge. You may get a chance to travel abroad and you will be able to maintain pleasant associations with reputed organizations there. In addition, a person may have a habit of quickly adapting to foreign cultures. Also, with Rahu in the 10th house, you will have the power to defeat and impress your enemies.

Rashi and Nakshatra Effects :-

Rahu in 10th house will give very positive results in general. However, there can be some negative results depending on the lagna from the lagna. So, if you are born with Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio Ascendant, Rahu will be highly favorable. Rahu in the tenth house in the constellations of Ardra, Swati and Shatabhisha will bring very beneficial results. It can bring adverse effects in Moola, Vishakha and Ashwini Nakshatras.

Positive effect of Rahu in 10th house:-

A positive Rahu in the tenth house can bring success and growth in your profession or business as well as good profits in business. Your financial position will be strong, and you may earn good revenue through your own efforts. You can get benefits from both the government as well as corporate sectors. Foreign cultures and traditions will fascinate you, and you can explore them with great interest. Rahu in 10th house can make you witty and street smart. Also your cleverness and ability to impress will help you move ahead in life. You can also get high rank and position in society or government services. The native can get recognition and fame due to his energetic and revolutionary works. Not only this, your life after the age of 30 will be more enjoyable and important than your early years.

Professionally you will do excellent business. Whether expanding your business or forging new partnerships, everything will be easy for you. Also, due to Rahu being in the 10th house, a person will accumulate wealth unintentionally and will be clever in his work.

Unfavorable effect of Rahu in 10th house:-

An unfavorable Rahu in the tenth house can put strain on your relations with your relatives, especially your cousins. Native may get irritated and frustrated when people do not follow your orders or advice. You may not be appealing to the public in the way you are. You can take the help of illegal aid to achieve and be successful in various fields. There is a strong possibility that one can get what he wants, but the way to get everything can be shady and bad. Your married life may get spoiled due to your extramarital or secret relations and scandals. Also, the native may adopt immoral and illegal methods to increase the rank, position and power in life. Rahu in the tenth house can make your childhood life somewhat challenging. You may lack parental love and care in life.

Rahu Taurus :-

Rahu in Taurus in the tenth house gives you immense wealth and financial benefits. You may have multiple or secret sources of income. You can get high rank in government office or become a famous politician. Sudden gains, mainly foreign deals, will further add to your abundance and prosperity. Your overseas contacts will be rewarded. Your chances of working in a multinational company or in a foreign land may bring you good growth in professional and financial capital.

Rahu in Scorpio:-

Rahu being debilitated in Scorpio in 10th house will make you struggle hard in life for success till the age of 33 years. By the age of 33, you may have to face financial crisis. This can lead you to a career related to writing, astrology, or careers. Glamor world. You can succeed in personal, covert work as an agent or spy. Your personality may contain an essence of mystery that may be difficult to see and analyze by others.

Normal yoga situations are possible with Rahu in the tenth house.

Guru Chandal Yoga:

When Rahu conjuncts Jupiter in the tenth house, Guru Chandal Yoga is formed and brings many obstacles in relation to business, profession and finances. It can also bring difficulties in completing important tasks at a professional level. There will be problems in your job and business. Some may abuse their power and position to gain advantage. It is believed that this inauspicious yoga takes the curse of your family priest, guru or guru.

Eclipse Yoga:

If Sun or Moon is with Rahu in the tenth house of the birth chart, then eclipse yoga is formed. This yoga formed with Sun gives you troubles related to government services, employment, legal issues and problems with government officials. You may face many losses in government projects or may be involved in litigation issues. When it is formed with Moon, it will give you mental stress, trauma, anxiety, restlessness and suffering due to various setbacks and delays in life.

Component Kalsarpa Yoga:

When Rahu is in the tenth house and Ketu is in the fourth house of the horoscope. Also, all the planets are situated between this Rahu-Ketu axis; This is known as Kaal Sarp Dosh. It can bring you immense success in career related to politics and business. You can rise up and become a powerful politician at village, city or district level. However, it can also bring some tension in your family matters and obstacles in your career. This dosha will reduce your happiness and satisfaction on personal and professional levels.

Remedies for Rahu in 10th house:-

  1. feed the birds daily
  2. Feed crows and stray dogs daily.
  3. Chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu “Om Brim Rahave Namah”
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  5. Throw 6 to 7 dry coconuts in the river.
  6. Donate black seeds, blankets and black clothes to a poor person on Wednesday.
  7. Avoid living in south facing houses.
  8. The head should always be covered with a cap or dupatta
  9. The harmful effects of Rahu can be eliminated by chanting Ganesh Mantra daily.
  10. Offer food to the blind on Saturdays.
  11. 5-Mukhi Rudraksha can help in removing the harmful effects of Rahu in the 10th house.
  12. By meditating daily during Rahu-Kaal Kaal, best results of Rahu are obtained and the inauspicious effects of Rahu are destroyed.
  13. Donate sweets and curd to the temple every week.

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