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The NFT ecosystem, growing as it is in all directions, has been wrangling from one hot topic to another lately. The biggest of these ongoing debates have centered around heady questions like:

  1. Should NFT projects offer licensing agreements to holders, or should projects submit their IP to the public domain via CC0?

  2. Is AI art authentic art?

  3. Is the 0% NFT royalties approach, a la Sudoswap, acceptable?

My quickfire answers to each of these questions respectively are: 1) it depends on the circumstances, 2) absolutely AI art is real art, and 3) not in all cases but again it depends on the circumstances.

Ultimately, the design space around NFTs is totally open and essentially endless — and this reality will make the ecosystem increasingly multiplicitous over time — so expect more and more big debates going forward.

Keep your footing by tracking and thinking through the arguments of supporters, critics, and onlookers alike, as a bird’s-eye view will best position you to critically and fairly approach these debates. In the meantime, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend ️


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  • Fractional rebranded to Tessera and announced a $20M Series A raise.

  • TreasureDAO hired anonymous creator MouseDev to its Bridgeworld team.

  • Unlock Protocol unveiled new monetization options for its users.

  • Zora and Connext rolled out Lanyardan open-source tool for creating universal NFT allowlists.

  • The Forgotten Runiverse fantasy MMO is slated to launch in the first half of 2023,

  • Gods Unchainedthe NFT trading card game, has seen a recent spike of activity on ImmutableX:

  • Aelina deal coordination protocol on Optimism, activated NFT-gated pools,

  • Arcadean NFT borrowing and lending protocol, launched its V2 system,

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