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Introducing the Navajo WP touring motorcycle boots, designed using equal parts form and function by Italian motorcyclist footwear experts Stylmartin. Sitting somewhere between touring and off-road dedicated footwear, these feature-packed full-height motorcycle boots boast an EN 13634:2017 safety certification that’s backed by Stylmartin’s own performance guarantee.

Stylmartin has constructed the Navajo Tourer Boots using high-quality black full-grain leather. The leather used features multiple finishes which add to the boot’s visual appeal. The majority of the leather used on the Navajo WP Boots has a textured pattern reminiscent of dry cracked earth. Stylmartin has juxtaposed this with smooth matte leather on the outer tongue and shifter toe pads. Then on the inner calf of each boot is a striking embossed pyramid patterned leather that’s backed by a heatproof lining.

Stylmartin Navajo WP Boots review

Fitting the Navajo WP boots is made easier thanks to the full-length zip on the inner edge of each boot. Once your feet are inside the boots are secured using 3 rapid-release adjustable levers that are replaceable to help extend the boot’s lifespan. A hook and loop panel at the top opening completes the process and allows the fit to be adjusted to suit. Inside the boots, Stylmartin has gone with an anatomic footbed that is breathable to aid with cooling. The footbed is also replaceable.

Touring Boots by Stymartin

A key feature of the Navajo boots beyond their protective and visual appeal is their ability to prevent the ingress of water. Designed to be totally waterproof the Stylmartin Navajo Boots leverage the brand’s hydro grain leather concept. The full-grain leather outer offers enhanced water resistance thanks to a specially designed oil treatment. Then as a second line of defense Stylmartin has lined the inside of boots with a comprehensive breathable waterproof lining.

Guaranteeing surefooted performance in all conditions is a specially designed 100% rubber sole. Featuring a custom tread pattern the sole is both non-slip and self-cleaning. By utilizing a staggered lug pattern Stylmartin has managed to create a sole that prevents mud and dirt from clogging it up which in turn maximizes its effectiveness in any circumstance.

Touring Boots by Stymartin

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In regard to safety, the Stylmartin Navajo Boots boast both internal and external malleolus PU armour. Protecting the shins from brush impacts and hard knocks are PU armor plates with integrated mesh-covered air intakes for additional internal cooling. And finally an inner anatomical anti-shock filling aids in reducing injury from prolonged vibration or impacts.

The Stylmartin Navajo WP Boots are available in sizes EU 39 to 47 and retail for $299.95 USD.

Available from: stymartin , Revzilla

Touring Boots by Stymartin

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