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You can get yourself a big saving on this large-screen Samsung smartphone with an offer that reduces the price to below £500.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Samsung’s flagship handset from 2019, has been reduced in price to just £499, having cost £1,099 back when it was released. Admittedly it’s a few years old now, but this reduction still represents a 55% saving compared to its original RRP.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus may not be the latest smartphone from the South Korean brand, but we were still very impressed with it when we put it through a review at the time, reserving praise for its large screen and versatile cameras.

55% off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Save £600 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with this deal, which sees 55% having been slashed off the price of this smartphone’s original RRP, from when it launched back in 2019.

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We noted that it was “one of the finest all-round Android devices” of its year, and that was in large part down to the 6.8-inch display, an OLED with a stunning 3040x1440p resolution which is bright and warm in color, and features HDR10+ for supported content.

We judged the camera to be “excellent” as well, though noted that it wasn’t quite on the same level as the iPhone 11 Pro or Huawei P30 Pro of the time; Where it did particularly excel was in its versatility thanks to having three separate sensors on the back.

A particular quirk of this device is its S-Pen stylus, which you can use for more precise touchscreen input than with just your finger.

It’s definitely worth adjusting your expectations for this phone, seeing as it was released in 2019 rather than this year, but it is still a strong handset overall.

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