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It is a fact that most Americans do not want to see women’s rights disappear. But five people who don’t care what most Americans want will let it happen. who are these people?

They are judges of the Supreme Court, and the three newest of them, Amy Connie Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh lied during their confirmation hearing, They all said that Roe v Wade was “the settled law”. Now, a memo from Judge Alito’s desk says all five GOP judges will vote to take away women’s rights—the same rights they claimed reserve as prescribed by law.

SCOTUS hearings are essentially live job application interviews. Lying during a job application is always grounds for losing that job. I can’t imagine a teacher, nurse, policeman, or even a baby sitter keeping their jobs if they lie on a matter of substantial importance during their live interview process. Those who do the hiring have the right not to keep a liar in their midst. For a lawyer, Congressman, and especially a Supreme Court judge, this should be more important, not less, as it is a lifetime appointment. We should have the right to remove a cancer in our justice system or it is not the justice system at all.

I want to see a Congressman standing up in the House and asking three judges who lied about their position on Roe v. Wade to dissociate themselves from weighing themselves against women’s rights issues related to abortion., At least if these three judges do this, then they will not get caught in the video lying to the Congress. And if they won’t agree to distance themselves in the Rowe v Wade cases, and are weighing in against Rowe, they’re really saying “we lied to get this cushioned lifetime placement job” and people Tough luck.

for me, it means He should give up his seat or in all cases be forcibly removed the very next day. Because we don’t know what prompted him to lie to Congress. It smells like a sell, which means their support was bought. Either that, or it was a “no abortion” thing. very important For them that they are okay with lying to Congress about it. No excuse is worth a judge, let alone the justice of the Supreme Court. change of mind Even on a matter so important to all Americans, that doesn’t cut it as a valid excuse for a judicial interview. We expect better and should insist on better.

The fact is that these judges misrepresented at least their internal thinking during job applications. they could say, Row weed is the law of the land but I don’t know how I feel about it. It might be honest. But that was not said. If we don’t insist on honesty from the justices, we are allowing the existence of an American judicial banana republic.

I’ve long thought that the reason Democrats must fight harder is because they fear they’ll lose on the Supreme Court when the push comes. This leaked Alito memo confirmed the suspicion.

When Trump nominated Gorsuch, I put this image on my Twitter @EnglishCodeWord.

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From its first words. The constitution says that all government powers are derived from we people, Let’s not overthink it or let the GOP convince us that all they are doing is “legal” or “constitutional.” It’s not. We must now use our constitution to protect ourselves which is definitely coming if we don’t.

In addition, SCOTUS judges are sworn in maintain the constitution explicitly states No state can take away the rights of citizens. The exact word used is Summarize Which means to shorten. This court is doing more than just curtailing the rights of women. They are letting the states take away women’s autonomy over their bodies and will.

14th Amendment, clause one verbatim:

No State shall make or enforce any law which reduce privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States of America; Nor shall any State deprive any person of Life, Freedom, or property, without due process of law; Nor does it deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

It is not a complex language. We don’t need it to be interpreted, spin or ignored by people who lie to get jobs in our Supreme Court. He said that the “cry” were settled laws. We accepted his point. If they reverse that position, and let the states take away women’s rights, they are also saying that they lied or misled Congress on their positions. And perhaps at the same time, they are saying that they do not care about the poor American women who will be affected by this decision.

The phrase “settled law” means that he considered it, reviewed its history, and settled the matter in his mind. If they didn’t think so, they could have said something else. He lied or misled the Congress. This is the basis for being fired from any job. Justice is not elected by the people. They cannot be allowed to lie to the people or their representatives and to get jobs. Anyone in government or private business should not be allowed to lie to get a job, they should not be allowed to think that they can keep that job after their lies are exposed. At that point, their further employment depends on employers, who in this case are ultimately “we, the people,” through our elected representatives. To allow otherwise is to welcome corruption, which is actually our biggest problem in the current US government. Lying to get a job is a breach of contract.

ahead, The anti-abortion law is a clear violation of 14th, section 1 on two accounts. They undermine the constitutional rights of women currently in the United States. And they restrict a woman’s freedom or independence.

Three Supreme Court judges lied while taking oath of office

I, Neil Gorsuch, solemnly swear that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and Equal rights for the poor and the richand that I can confidently and fair discharge and perform all Duty Incumbent on me as Supreme Court Judge under the constitution and the law of the United States.

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett aren’t even trying to live up to this oath. They know what 14th section 1 says, and they are ignoring it. The only reasonable assumption is that he has been paid somehow to rule against the words spoken by him at his confirmation hearing.

I am calling on these three judges to disengage themselves from weighing in on Roe’s cases, and if they don’t, they will be removed from their positions. For perjury if they weigh the opposite of their position when asked by public representatives. I realize this may just be a “political” statement and there may be no “mechanism” in place to remove judges from their seats. But it’s going to take a lot of motivated people to make the necessary changes in this country, and SCOTUS is too weak to test people on both sides right now. And that unity is what we need. The GOP plays like this. We need this time. Our intentions are prime.

I also think that Clarence Thomas should separate himself in matters of dealing with the rebellion. His wife was involved in planning the most dangerous and seditious act versus our government in its entire history. Rosenberg was executed for a very short time after WW2. Clarence is not his wife, granted. But he consoles her everyday. And that too is prohibited by 14th-Sec 3.

any person a. Will not done Senator or representative in Congress, or the President’s elector and Vice President, or hold any The Officecivilian or military under the United States, or under any stateWho, was sworn in beforeas a member of Congress, or as a United States officialor as a member of a State legislature, or as an executive, or Justice of the Peace of any State, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, will indulge in rebellion or rebellion against him, or aided or “comforted” his enemies,

so when people talk add four judges of the court, the constitution really binds us Remove Nominate four judges and four more unless they “owe” something huge in the next few weeks. — and before the verdict becomes public and begins to change lives for American women.

Please share these thoughts with your representatives, family and friends. It is now a war against women and the attackers are intoxicated with power and will not stop. Underlying all this, there is this mentality of the ruling class present in authoritarian governments; It has now penetrated our government, which has been extended four years under Trump, and must now be disbanded from all branches of our government.

Thank you

joseph aronesti

[email protected] @EnglishCodeWord

Women’s March 14 May 2022 – Los Angeles City Hall

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