Second Life Fashion Blogs Are Overwhelmed By Lingerie & Swimsuit Spreads. Artifex Silence Is a Stylish Break from That. | Metaverse Updates

Cajsa Lilliehook covers the best in virtual world screenshot art and digital painting

Artifex Silence is an SL fashion blog by Artifex1 Voxel, This is Post 61, Artifex is minimalist blogger. No fancy titles, no descriptive text, no details on what appealed to her, but she takes great pics and offers complete, well-organized credits. This appealed to me because it’s something someone might actually wear. It also perfectly captures this time of year. It’s starting to get a bit chilly in the morning, so a light sweater is a comfort but it’s hot in the afternoon and you know legs don’t feel the cold the way arms and shoulders do. So there it sits halfway between summer and autumn. Perfection in dressing for the season.

I like Artifex Silence, I like Artifex’ style. She’s not flashing bits and boobs to draw your attention. She’s getting attention with taste and style. I confess I am sick to death of blogs with nothing but lingerie and swimsuits. Do these avatars not have lives outside their bedroom? Artifex is no prude but she knows clothes express more about you than your lingerie. Fashion is story-telling. Lingerie is the preface. Clothing is the novel. There are too many unfinished stories in fashion blogging.

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OK, so I love this for the “I don’t give an eff” look on her face, but the outfit is great, too. I might like the dress to be a bit longer but that is a losing battle in Second Life. Everything is too short. The jacket is superb and upscales the dress from casual to professional.

  • :Ve| Willow Ensemble – Charcoal @faMESHed
  • KUNGLERS, Jaiska Ring
  • POM, Jhene Studs
  • K&S, SLC. Backdrop. w/o lights

Artifex has pages with resources for readers, a list of blogger support services, her blogroll, a list of feeds, and another of events and designers. Unfortunately, her about and contact page are untouched from when she took her page template out of the box, so to speak. I would recommend deleting the contact page completely, but filling out her About page with her in-world name so designers can contact her to offer items to blog and with her social media so folks can follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and increase her traffic. I could not find her by searching so there are lost opportunities without that information. Her pictures are great and eye-catching and what drew me to her in the first place. I love it when people write about what they like but in the multilingual world of Second Life, the minimalist credits-only is the most accessible to all.

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