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Say bye-bye to charcuterie, butter boards are here to see. The new tasty trend is all over TikTok when some mouth-watering variations. Now, we’ve got seven of the best for you to try.

Grab yourself an aesthetic chopping board, a loaf or two of warm bread and some butter-loving friends. That’s right, butter boards are the new sharing dish taking TikTok by storm. Whether you want yours pretty with edible flowers, sweet with some honey, or more meat-based, we’re bringing you the best butter boards.

For all of these, you’re going to need a large helping of softened butter. But we’re guessing you knew that.

The prettiest boards

Starting off with the ones you might not want to eat. These beautiful boards are a definite party pleaser, particularly when your guests can eat the flowers.

1. Michael Finch brings us this stunning variation.

For his recipe, spread your softened butter on a board or plate and sprinkle some sea salt over the top. Then, you want to spread some goat’s cheese on top. Michael doesn’t give any amounts, so just however much you want or like.

For a bit of color and sweetness, he then takes some apricot jam and dollops several spoonfuls over his board. Of course, you don’t have to use apricot, but a jam or curd of any kind is going to balance the salt. Michael adds some actual apricot too, but this could easily be raspberries, blueberries – whatever you like!

Then, it gets a little fancy with some truffle honey. You definitely deserve to treat yourself, but good ol’ regular honey would be just as tasty here too. Lastly, Michael sprinkles some macadamia nuts on for that little added texture, but any kind of nut would do the same thing.

For a little garnish and finesse, some edible flowers sit on top to really wow your friends.

2. Chef Chaz’s pretty savoury board

Chef Chaz reminds us that we eat with our eyes, so the prettier the better!

He recommends whipping your butter so that it’s light and fluffy and more malleable to work with. First, he adds some salt, pepper and lemon zest to his butter before he spreads it. Next, he roasts some garlic with herbs and lemon to use later on.

Put the butter on your board, making sure to take your time. Finely chop some sundried tomatoes and sprinkle them atop the butter. Once your garlic has caramelised, it’s ready to put on the board. Place them strategically on the board along with some nuts and a drizzle of honey and balsamic vinegar. Edible flowers and basil will give it that extra touch.

All things nice and spice

3. Jamie Milne’s fruity not flowery board

If you’re not a fan of flowers but still want the aesthetic, this one is for you.

Jamie lays some chopped fig, fig and orange jam and sliced ​​orange on top of her butter board. For some texture, she adds walnuts to her board too. Adding rosemary and thyme for that extra color and take, she then grates some orange zest on top.

Drizzling some honey over the top, she adds a little kick with some chilli flakes too. Finally, Jamie seasons with salt and pepper and adds some micro greens. Super tasty.

4. Nadia Aidi’s sweet and spicy crunch

If you want a little bit more spice than Jamie offered then maybe Nadia’s board is for you.

Nadia’s recipe is super quick but super tasty too. Spread your room temperature butter and laden with salsa macha and some chilly crunch.

Add some honey for the sweetness and salt and pepper to season. If you want even more of a kick, add some chilli flakes or dried chillies too! Lastly, Nadia garnishes with lemon zest and chives. Simple!

5. No carb no problem

Not a fan of bread or trying to stay away from carbs? Don’t worry, Courtney’s carnivore board is low carb and perfect for you.

Courtney splits her butter board half cheese and half softened goat’s cheese too. Then, she makes some prosciutto roses (just rolled up will do!) and spreads them out. Cheese twists? Absolutely not! Courtney’s bacon twists are the perfect alternative for a meat lover. She adds pork rinds, carnivore snacks and some waffles to the side before crumbling some blue cheese over the top.

If blue cheese or the waffles aren’t your things, cheddar crumbles just as well, and gluten-free alternatives are easy to find to replace the waffles.

A little more savoury

6. The Italian Job

If you’re craving the Italian take on a butter board then central market has just the board for you.

Add a few generous dollops of basil pesto over your butter. Then, fill the gaps with spoonfuls of stracciatella cheese. Roasted cherry tomatoes will add a little color and help bring together than Italian taste.

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the top. Lastly, sprinkle with finely chopped toasted pine nuts, salt and pepper. Now, you have yourself a mouth-watering Italian variation. Bellisimo!

Something for the autumn

Last but not least, this recipe is perfect for those of us who love autumn flavours.

7. MamaInTheKitchen’s simple cinnamon board

Spread out your softened butter, before sprinkling with a generous helping of cinnamon. Drizzle over some honey before adding some crushed walnuts. That’s it! Simple, yet definitely delicious.

A party pleaser or something to share on a cosy evening, butter boards have the best and easiest recipes. Give one of the following a try with some warm bread, cheese sticks or bacon twists. No doubt you’ll come back for more.

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