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soulswipe protocol has announced the launch of its new decentralized debit card. The card is the first in the world to be loaded directly from a cold and hot wallet, as well as the first Solana debit card that enables Web3 to be reloaded with Phantom, a Solana-based wallet called Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and is designed for non-fungal tokens. NFT).

The debit card is designed for simplicity and supports SOL/USDC as well as other major networks such as Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows access to over 200 countries in the world with lower fees than most other crypto debit cards. SoulSwipe’s groundbreaking card is available worldwide and can be used for digital purchases, at a physical point of sale (POS), or at any Visa-compatible ATM.

Soulswipe NFTs sold out within seconds of launch

SoulSwap sold all its NFT collections (6666 NFTs) in a matter of seconds. Holders will be eligible for special bonuses generated from the percentage (up to 20%) of royalties and loading fees paid, as well as reduced transfer fees (up to 5%), which will be claimed through the reward system. Other benefits for NFT holders include cryptocurrency or NFT airdrops and premium metal SoulSwipe debit card redemption.

SoulSwipe is expected to feature airdrop this month Which will only benefit SolSwipe NFT holders.

The launch of the SoulSwipe card is an excellent moment, as more and more people are looking for decentralized alternatives. Recent concerns about the stability of traditional financial institutions underscore this fact. SolSwipe’s direct-load function and low fees make it a great option for anyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases.

SoulSwipe and its Solana Debit Card expected to see widespread adoption

The SoulSwipe team is excited about the prospects for the new card, and has outlined their future plans. Debit cards will be available on many types of networks in 1-2 months. Additionally, debit cards will be able to connect directly to users’ MetaMask wallets, allowing them to load from the BNB and ETH chain in just a few clicks. The team is also investigating the possibility of allowing users to stake their cryptocurrencies to earn rewards, a first for a debit card.

The company estimates that by the end of their efforts for mass adoption, which will last 6-12 months, they aim to accumulate between 50k and 200k card users. As part of the partnership campaign, SoulSwipe intends to collaborate with market leaders to white-label their brand of SoulSwipe debit cards. Overall, it looks like the team is off to a good start and has ambitious plans for the future.

SoulSwipe is not bound by legal or regulatory constraints as it offers debit cards, which are not subject to the same regulations as cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result, the platform sets out to achieve what most exchanges cannot achieve. SoulSwipe Laos is also in collaboration with JDB Bank, which holds one of six crypto licenses issued by the country’s regulator. The bank is in operation since 1989

An added benefit of using a SoulSwipe card is that SoulSwipe never has access to any of your funds—they are stored in a cold wallet in your own possession. This greatly reduces the risk of hacking. In addition, the assets are converted into USD and then loaded onto the debit card. The entire process is manual and takes 12-24 hours to mitigate hacks and other vulnerabilities.

The SoulSwipe protocol has three available levels: black, silver, and gold. The Black tier is a standard plastic card, while the Silver and Gold tier metal cards are manufactured. Metal cardholders (Silver and Gold tier) are eligible for lower fees and higher load caps. All these cards are supported by Visa and UnionPay.

The SolSwipe Debit Card is available exclusively through the official website of SolSwipe. To get the card, users need to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process with the bank. As soon as the user provides his personal information to the bank, it will be transmitted directly to the bank and SoulSwipe will not have access to the information. Once verified, the cardholder will receive their new debit card in the mail at their specified address.

Instructions get soulswipe card The project can be found on the website.

John, project founder and co-founder Jamie Standard leads the group with substantial experience in finance, blockchain technology, and marketing. For 10 years now, John is an entrepreneur and has created various startups. In addition, he has fundraised and grown a number of companies, running a digital marketing agency focused on advanced Web3 technologies by products such as SoulSwipe, working within the Solana space.

About SoulSwipe

The SoulSwipe protocol marks the day when cryptocurrency truly embraces decentralization. Solana users will eventually have access to use their cryptocurrency in the form of a debit card, without the hassle of sending cryptocurrency through major exchanges. SoulSwipe users will receive their own unique SoulSwipe Debit Card. Users will connect their personal Solana/Ethereum Wallet to SoulSwipe and load their SoulSwipe Wallet. It enables instant use of the debit card; Anytime anywhere in more than 200 countries of the world. The SoulSwipe Debit Card works like any other debit card; Use it for your bills, food, gas and online shopping.

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