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SpaceGold Corporation is a promising mining company. It offers customers proven patented hardware solutions. As a result, the users will be able to autonomously mine asteroids for precious metals and gain money in the process.

The company’s native utility token SGOLD is high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms. The team launched it on February 2, 2019, but the token is still popular after all this time. Its sale will end on February 2, 2024.Currently, 1 SGOLD is trading for 0.0041 ETH, but its value may increase in the future. The total supply of tokens is 1,500,000,000. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and LTC in exchange for its coins.

Metallurgical engineer Hamidreza Jalilian founded SpaceGold. He created the project along with other engineers from NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and TriVector Services. Its members have lots of experience designing, building, launching, and operating satellites. Users can mine the tokens earned on the SpaceGold platform, as well as refine Gold from Asteroids that time and time again cross paths with our planet.

The team started the SGOLD token’s ICO sale to raise funds for the project’s further development. SGOLD is actually a gold streaming contract in the form of an ERC20 token. It’s also regulated by the CFTC. The company registered it with FinCen in the United States.

Moreover, SGOLD is not your typical cryptocurrency. Token holders will be able to redeem it for 240 milligrams of gold. However, that will be possible only after the company delivers the first 70 metric tons of the metal back to Earth. The team stated that it would release more tokens with every satellite launch.

What does SpaceGold offer?

The company stated that each SGOLD token holder would have a right to get 240 milligrams of physical gold, but the company would mine and refine this gold in space first. It will retrieve physical gold and make it available for token owners. The latter can redeem it in the form of RFID-encoded gold bars. The team expects the Global Space Mining Market to bring 25 tons of gold to our planet yearly. Twenty-five tons of gold per year only amounts to 1% of the Earth’s total resources.

However, off-world mining is a new source of gold. It offers terrestrial markets a great opportunity, especially considering that these markets are already seeing production fall. New suppliers are what they need to continue robust trading. Besides, this precious metal is more abundant in asteroids than on Earth.

SpaceGold aims to become the major supplier of gold directly from space. Other companies have already tried to start mining metals on asteroids or other planets, but this process is quite difficult and expensive. In addition, it’s not easy to pinpoint a feasible approach to processing precious metals in Space. But the SpaceGold team has engineered a new approach to simplify such mining, and it’s positive that its approach will work. The company will deliver gold and other metals in five years after the launch of the operation.

Furthermore, SpaceGold will use blockchain technology to offer its investors additional benefits and security. The company will bring gold and platinum group metals on Earth in traceable 0.1 troy ounce tiles. It will also secure these tiles by a blockchain entry (in the form of non-fungible tokens) at the time of delivery.

How will the investors benefit from this project?

The team plans to use investors’ funds to engineer, launch and operate spacecraft over the followings five years. It will equip its shuttles with tested moon and asteroid mining and refining technology. SpaceGold Corporation owns the latter.

According to the company, SpaceGold is the first decentralized app ever to record streaming contracts for space gold production. The platform will list all contract holders and prospective producers using the ETH blockchain. It will also allow token holders to trade their positions with other investors.

The team aims to find solutions to various obstacles hindering off-world mining. The company also wants to resolve funding issues for space miners, which is a serious problem. Spacecrafts are very expensive, and raising funds to finance them is no small feat. However, SpaceGold will supply miners with Ethereum-backed contracts before delivering metals on Earth. The company also ensures that the investors receive hefty returns for their initial investments.

What is Decentral Life, and what does it offer?

Decentral Life is a promising social network and e-commerce technology company. Powered by artificial intelligence, this firm develops custom niche networks. The team will then use these networks to connect global business professionals and customers.

Decentral Life is a Technology Business Incubator. Along with its Social life division, this platform will license seed technology, executive leadership, and legal guidance to tech startup founders. As a result, these companies will be able to focus on perfecting their business model, raising capital, and increasing the number of their users.

The team launched the platform’s native utility token WDLF, on January 28, 2022. The sale will end on December 31, 2022.Currently, 1 WDLF is trading for 0.2 USD, but its value may increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of tokens is 10000000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The company accepts ETH and BTC in exchange for WDLF.

Decentral Life offers many advantages. Users will be able to earn and mine the WDLF Tokens through social networking, as well as inviting and influencing the company’s niche networks.

While there are many cryptocurrency mining programs, most of them do not provide a way to use the mined tokens. However, Decentral Life will ensure WDLF Token’s usefulness. Customers will be able to use these coins to buy various services. The company will also add other utilities to WDLF in the future.

In addition, the platform will burn the tokens to increase their value. The team stated that it would burn a WDLF token for every coin earned through the mining process of social activity. As a result, the company will reduce the long-term supply over time. Even though Decentral Life is a relatively new company, it boasts a good road map and experienced team, along with the hot token.

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