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The WK football in Qatar starts this weekend. A sporting event that causes half the world’s revolution is predicted, but it is also infected. We set the facts on a straight line.

Roelf Jan Duin

1. Who, what, where?

On Sunday at 17 o’clock the opening of the national championships of the countries Qatar and Ecuador of the 22nd edition of the world championship football. Four weeks later, on Sunday 18 December, the finale was played. A total of 32 countries participated in the tournament, in total 64 matches were played, divided into groups and knock-out phases. Above are eight hypermodern, air-conditioned stadiums. Some are new, existing stadiums have been thoroughly renovated. They offer places for forty-eight to eighty-thousand people at a cost together estimated at 3 billion euros. The greatest distance between the two stadiums is 55 kilometers, but most of them are located in the heart of the capital Doha, within a radius of 20 kilometers.

2. Hoe is het WK in Qatar beland?

There are meanwhile many books written over, which without exception paint a grim picture of corruption, stabbings and friendly politics. In 2010 werd door worldvoetbalband Fifa at the same time bekendgemakat dat Russia in 2018 en Qatar in 2022 het toernooi mochten organizeren. The concerted efforts of the Netherlands and Belgium, but also of China, and the VS and Australia are one of the twee WK’s te mogen houden, stranded.

Voor Qatar ging met de toewijzing een langgekoesterde droom in vervulling. In the name of the previous emir, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, had been busy for decades to set the world map on the world map. Sport, but also culture and tourism are excellent vehicles for this. Prestige plays a role in this, but Qatar will look forward to a future in which the economy of the country is based more on oil and liquid gas.

3. Why is dit WK controversial?

Losing the dubious way in which the WK has arrived in Qatar, Qatar is not as entitled to human rights. The position of women in the country is undervalued, homosexuality is punishable and the freedom of press is very limited. Open criticism of the emir could lead to years of imprisonment, of anger.

In addition, there are stadiums built under abysmal conditions by labor migrants, often from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Today there are about two million people living in Qatar, which constitute 90 percent of the population. Then a heavy loan had to be worked in the scorching heat, according to the British newspaper The Guardian Only between 2010 and 2020 6500 people have come (not only because of the construction of stadiums). Amnesty International writes about rights violationsmodern slavery,

4. What does Qatar think of this criticism?

Qatar would like to appear towards the West as a modern country. Tegelijkertijd het emirates zich de wetten te leten voorschrijn door anderen. So said Khalid Salman, former-international ambassador of the WK in Qatar, last week in an interview that homo’s are welcome during the WK, but that they have ‘only rules to accept’. Also called homosexuality ‘spiritual damage’.

Qatar has noted criticism of the working conditions and the number of labor migrants killed during the construction of the stadiums. In addition, it often extends to other countries, where there is even poverty among some groups, and the human rights situation is also enough. The organizing committee betwisted the number of 6500, but only 3 people They died as a direct consequence of the construction of the stadiums. Other nodes would not be ‘work-of-WK-gerlated’.

5. Is zo’n controversy bij een WK nieuw?

Allerminst. Then in 1978 the WK in het Argentina van Jorge Videla werd geheiten ledde that tot much protest, in Nederland imported by Freek de Jonge and Bramm Vermeulen. Also the Olympic Games in Sotsji van 2014 and the WK voetbal van 2018 in Russia were contested. En voor de WK’s in South-Africa (2010) en Brazil (2014) werden complete (rotten-) wicken brusk van de kart geveegd om plaats te maken voor stadiums.

In addition, the WK is not the first major sporting event in Qatar. Since last year a Formule 1-race has been held, in 2019 the WK events were held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, in 2018 the WK events took place in Qatar and in 2016 Peter Sagan became world champion in the oil state. Daar was toen aljazen een stuk minder ophef over.

6. What do you think of the soccer world?

De Fifa zwijgt in all talen. Even more so, in a brief, the World Football Association of all participating countries directed themselves towards football, in order to ‘not let me sleep in all ideological and political battles that exist in the world’. The European bond UEFA gave will not heed the call that there would be a compensation fund for labor migrants who died or were injured in preparations for the WK.

Former Fifa boss Sepp Blatter has given the decision to visit Qatar, a country without any significant football tradition that has played its first WK in winter, ‘even fout’. De KNVB He has always said no supporter to go to the WK in Qatar en ‘niet weg te kijken’ for the problems in the country. A boycott is never seriously overwogan. En bondscoach Louis van Gaal said to the reporter recently Danny Ghosn They are planning to visit a wijk with the selection of Oranje in Qatar. He realized that ‘there were many wrong things done’.

7. Is there talk of Oranjecourts?

No, certainly not in comparison with the previous tournament for which the Netherlands failed to qualify. There is no talk of unbundling, the companies wrestle with what they attract with the tournament. The most unlucky was the supermarket chain Jumbo, which had to take a commercial spot and take a day off the business because here rapper Donnie worked in Polonaise over a construction site: a painful association with construction workers in Qatar drong zich op.

A survey by the research bureau Motivaction revealed this week that only a third of the Netherlands are interested in this WK, a halving compared to 30 years ago. Admittedly, interest in the last few years has been declining, but the human rights situation in Qatar has also had an effect: a quarter of the people have given it a pleasure to look at past history. One of the seven Nederlanders who normally look at themselves say that they are aware of the tournament. Of the worldview figures also started to come out later. Four years ago, according to statistics, 3.5 billion people did something in the tournament. 1,1 billion people turned to France in the final to win over Croatia.

In Amsterdam, word minder was watched on large screens. Well, the matches of the Netherlands football against Ecuador (25 November, 17 o’clock) and against Qatar (29 November, 16 o’clock) can be seen in Johan Cruyff Arena, The first match against Senegal (21 November, 17 o’clock) can not be expected there in connection with the concert of De Toppers the weekend before that. In de Western Union All matches in Oranje can be watched on the big screen, tickets cost 5 euros and the proceeds go to Amnesty.

8. Is there an Oranjelegioen naar Qatar?

Legion is a big word, but the KNVB has 4000 cards available per match. Alcohol may only be used in the ‘fanzones’ and in some expensive hotels, it is not used. ‘Physical intimacies shall not be made public at any cost,’ warns de KNVB, The cabinet will be named by Minister Conny Helder (Sport) after the last group match in Oranje, as Netherlands will continue to compete in the tournament under the reigning King Willem-Alexander.

9. Hoe doen media report?

Van een masse boycott door media, die her en der werd geopperd, is geen sprake. Many Dutch journalists have been convinced that they are somewhat pointless going to Qatar, but in general all newsreactions are present. Radio 2-dj’s Jan-Willem Roodbeen and Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte have also announced no attention paid to WK because of Salman’s anti-homo statements.

OK Het Parool zal raslod doen van het sportieve parte van het WK. The newspaper considers it as its journalistic duty to report on major events, also on the sports field. Mar Het Parool Will continue to write about the shadows of the event in Qatar. Follow all developments, both inside and outside the line, in our WK-liveblog.

10. Wordt Nederland nu eendlich een onceer worldkampioen?

Van Gaal believed well in a world title. Nederland makes according to themgrote cans‘ om worldkampioen te worden. Among the bookmakers, France is favored, followed by Brazil and, at some distance, Spain.

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