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Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v10.69.3.1 Autopilot can detect lost devices. This feature will make FSD safer once Tesla rolls it out for wider release.

Irresponsible drivers using defeat devices to cheat Tesla’s advanced driver assistance software have drawn criticism regarding the safety of the FSD and Autopilot. Tesla software tracker, Teslascope, discovered that v10.69.3.1 disables autopilot when it detects a defeat device.

teslascope It also noted that Tesla is working on finding other ways for Autopilot to detect lost devices.

Last week, Tesla began rolling out FSD Beta v10.69.3.1 For testers waiting patiently for software access.

During the Q3 2022 earnings call, Tesla reiterated its commitment to a wider release of the FSD in the fourth quarter. Just before the Thanksgiving feasts begin, Tesla launches the much-anticipated initiative Full Self-Driving Beta Wide Rollout For customers in North America, even for vehicles with less than 100 Autopilot miles and a safety score less than 80.

Elon Musk reminded the public that the wide release of the Tesla FSD won’t hold regulatory approval when it rolls out. He added that the wide release and regulatory approval of FSD are “separate matters”.

However, Musk hinted at Tesla’s plans to release an FSD update next year that would show regulators the car is safe with autonomous software. Reports of FSD v10.69.3.1’s ability to detect autopilot defeat devices may be one step closer to receiving regulatory approval.

Tesla has also started rolling out FSD version 11 For some beta testers. The company will likely release v11 to more testers once the bugs with v10.69.3.1 are ironed out. teslascope Shared that Tesla will likely modify its Strike system in version 11. However, if a defeat device is detected, it will still result in disengagement of the autopilot and prevent further activation until the next drive.

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Tesla FSD Beta v10.69.3.1 Autopilot Able to Detect Defeated Devices: Report

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