Tesla Raises Full Self-Driving Price To $15,000 – Is It Worth It? | Elon Musk News

Tesla has officially raised the price of its full self-driving (FSD) package to $15,000, as promised by CEO Elon Musk.

Is it worth $15,000?

Over the years, Musk has said that Tesla will continue to gradually increase the price of its full self-driving (FSD) package as functionality improves leading to the true final form of the product, as its name suggests. Walks, Ability to drive completely autonomously.

However, this feature has not lived up to its name yet. It’s been in beta for two years now, and it’s still far from self-driving.

Technically, the system is capable of being activated and attempting to drive in most areas, including intersections, but the responsibility rests with the driver, who needs to be attentive and ready to take control at all times.

Many see a willingness to take responsibility for the system as the most important step companies developing self-driving systems can take towards achieving this goal.

Tesla has made it clear that it is not there yet and participating in the FSD beta comes with a bunch of warnings that make it clear that the responsibility still lies with the driver.

But Tesla sees every new FSD update as a step closer to the goal, and recognizes that some of those updates even warrant a price increase for the package.

Last month Musk warned that with the wider rollout of FSD beta 10.69, Tesla would increase the price of the package from $12,000 to $15,000.

Today, Tesla updated its online configurator to reflect the change:

For an additional $3,000, the FSD package doesn’t have as many features, but the “coming soon” “Autosteer on City Streets”, which is currently in invite-only beta, is a bit better with the latest update.

Is the Tesla FSD Beta Worth $15,000?

Of course, the quick answer is no. It’s absolutely absurd that right now if you already have advanced autopilot, the extra $9,000 for FSD gives you virtually nothing more than a chance to gain access to FSD beta, which isn’t even a reward in itself.

But it’s not really what you’re buying. Since Musk has made it clear that he believes true self-driving costs much more than $15,000, he says the price of self-driving will continue to rise.

So, buying an FSD at $15,000 right now is more than a bet that Tesla will provide true self-driving and that you’re getting it right now at a discount to the final price.

However, it’s a prerequisite because the FSD beta is safe enough for a self-driving system from now on that Tesla will take responsibility for it, it’s unclear.

This is a bet that I made a pre-FSD beta day with very little information and few missed deadlines. I also bet with $6,000, which was the cost of the FSD at the time. I don’t know if I’ll bet $15,000 right now.

Would you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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