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After months of rumors that Tesla is going to use BYD’s Blade batteries at the Gigafactory Shanghai, there’s a surprising turn of events that suggests that Tesla is actually going to be using new battery cells at the Gigafactory Berlin, and that Has reportedly already taken delivery of the first cells.

In 2020, China-based electric vehicle and battery company BYD introduced its new bladed battery cell. The new cells use LFP chemistry, but the new form factor, which looks like a blade, is the real innovation enabling a safer cell and higher energy density at the pack level, according to the company.

BYD wrote in a press release:

During nail penetration tests, neither smoke nor fire was emitted once the blade entered the battery, and its surface temperature only reached 30 to 60 °C. Under the same conditions, a ternary lithium battery exceeded 500 °C and burned violently, and while a conventional lithium iron phosphate block battery would not openly emit flames or smoke, its surface temperature was 200 °C. had reached an alarming temperature of 400 °C. This implies that electric vehicles equipped with Blade batteries will be much less likely to catch fire – even if they are seriously damaged.

While this feature clearly offers great safety benefits, it also offers thermal management improvements, and BYD claims the form factor enables improvements in energy density by eliminating the need for modules.

It goes straight from cell to pack, not unlike Tesla’s structural battery pack technology.

In 2021, we first heard rumors that Tesla was testing BYD’s new “Blade Battery” for a potential supply partnership last year.

When reports surfaced last year from Tesla’s BYD about testing the new cells, it said Tesla already had cells in test vehicles and could begin deliveries for production in the second quarter of 2022.

Earlier this year, BYD confirmed that it was about to begin supplying battery cells to Tesla (TSLA). It was assumed that those sales would go to the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai.

Now a new report is coming sina Say SAIL is actually moving to Gigafactory Berlin and the first vehicles with SAIL could be out of the factory within a month (translated from Chinese):

On the afternoon of August 10, several people familiar with the matter revealed that BYD-supplied Blade batteries had been delivered to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, Tesla’s first super factory to use BYD batteries. is also. Tesla vehicles can roll off the assembly line in a month (ie late August to early September). Another source also revealed that the Shanghai Gigafactory, which has attracted a lot of attention, has no plans to use BYD batteries at the moment.

It’s a surprising turn of events if this turns out to be true, but neither Tesla nor BYD are confirming yet, although BYD has previously confirmed plans to supply Tesla with battery cells.

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