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September 02, 2022
Peter McGuthrie

Today’s auto industry is embracing electric vehicles, but new competition is still exacerbating the ongoing supply chain crisis. Tesla is well prepared for upcoming EV goals such as California’s 2035 gas vehicle sales ban, but automakers new and old are scrambling to obtain the raw materials needed for long-term battery manufacturing needs.

Above: Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. photo: Tesla

Former Tesla Gigafactory executive turned lithium consultant David Deek suggests EV startups can overcome supply chain woes, as reported business Insider, Both veteran automakers and EV startups face challenging situations, but following in Tesla’s footsteps could help them navigate the current environment.

Diek worked at Tesla for two years, when the automaker broke ground on its first “Gigafactory” in 2014.

Deak led Tesla’s battery-engineering and supply-chain operations at Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, from 2014 to 2016, after serving as chief technology officer at Lithium Americas and as president of Lithium Nevada Corp. Deek is currently on the Board of Directors. Battery-architecture startup Addionics, and he is the chairman of mining, energy and technical advisory at Marbex.

For one, Diek noted that companies need to secure their supply chains through strategies like vertical integration of Tesla.

Diek said the current raw material shortage and increased competition facing automakers “are a potential threat to their ambitions.” However, Diek says that if automakers can secure their supply chain and want to build EVs, they’ll be more likely to make it through today’s market.

“If you navigate those two things, you probably make it,” Deak said. “Everyone has to source their lithium somewhere. It won’t just be a question of cost. It will also be a question of whether that material is there.”

“You have to make sure that the product you’re offering to the market is exactly what you want,” Diek said. “You want a car that can accelerate like a Porsche or a Ferrari, but then also take your family on family vacations or for regular commutes.”

However, new EV automakers such as Lucid Motors, Rivian, Nikola and others may not be as equipped to woo supply contracts.

Diek says that EV startups “don’t have the weight of Tesla, Ford, GM,” adding that “suppliers want to gravitate toward those who will have a large amount of guarantees.”

Still, EV startups may still be able to navigate the terrain if they can prioritize cash spending well, according to Diek.

“As the Western world navigates more broadly into the electric-vehicle world, if you want to diversify the supply chain, you’re not going to get it without a lot of investment and a lot of work,” says Deek. he said.

“You have to do things in a way where your burn rate, your cash spend, doesn’t exceed your revenue.”


Source: business Insider

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