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September 23~30

“The Drawing Room in Holland Park” by Anna Alma Tadema

I think art has something to do with the achievement of peace in the midst of chaos. A peace that is also characteristic of prayer, and also the eye of the storm. I think the art has something to do with the arrest of attention amidst the distraction. , say saul

What a wild ride this retrograde has been! Soon the planet Mercury is retrograde in Libra indicating balance and equilibrium, or should I say inequality in my case, and the plane falls out of my world. Still a little dizzy, but at the moment I can’t cope with anything, and I’m so happy to be back home, and able to get back to what I love most. In the meantime I’ve learned a lot about the world of neurology, vertigo and vestibular disorders! very interested. And now looking forward to the new moon in Libra to restore the remnants of my shaky balance. Please forgive any typos or mistakes, Mercury is still in retrograde.

This year, the new moon in Libra falls on September 25 (or 26, depending on where in the world you are) at 2º Libra 49′; 5:55 p.m. EDT, 2:55 p.m. PDT and 10:55 p.m. British Daylight Time. This retrograde Mercury and Venus are now at the end of Virgo, and retrograde in Aries is the exact opposite of Jupiter.

The new moon also falls on the focal point of a configuration referred to in astrology as the Hammer of Thor. This is where the 2 planets (in this case, Saturn and Uranus) are in a powerful square aspect to each other, and then each aspect is a third point: in this case, our new moon in Libra, tense from a 135º angle. .

Considering Thor’s Hammer: This is the kind of New Moon that will make you more aware of conflict or unresolved chaos. Libra weighs options: should I take the safe route? Stick with what’s familiar, tried and true? Or should I take a risk, work hard, and try something new? Sometimes it becomes clear at times that when we keep trying to do things the same way, we just keep getting the same results. Maybe it is time for a new approach. Or at least, a new approach.

Saturn and Uranus are totally opposite each other. The clash of these titans can feel like utter chaos, disruption and mayhem. And this feeling of ‘us versus them’ can be exaggerated. Saturn’s values ​​feel so threatened by the uncertainty of Uranus, and the freedom that Uranus values ​​feels trapped by Saturn’s need to control and stabilize.

Thor’s hammer is a configuration of tension that has built up over time. Maybe we’re trying to ignore it, tossing the can down the road, or hoping it’ll go away. We probably didn’t even know it was there. And then suddenly it makes itself known by striking us. What was now a minor irritation can no longer be ignored, and must be addressed. Note, this new moon is a preview for the lunar eclipse on November 8, where things are likely to climax. So weighing our options carefully on the Tula new moon, is not only practical but wise. This is where we can build housing. Or at least become aware of issues that can no longer be ignored.

Libra is a symbol of peace and balance. When presented with any escalating conflict, and with the new moon considering our options it will be harder and harder to make a quick decision. 6 planets including Mercury are retrograde. Mars is also already slowing down for its retrograde phase which begins in late October. We are at a low conjunction of Mercury on the 23rd, the equinox, when insight and useful information may become available. But they are all retrograde, and Libra is also a sign that is often full of indecision. When in Libra we weigh all our options very carefully, and that takes time. We should not and should not be hasty. Even by Jupiter.

Jupiter’s opposition can be overwhelming for some. Like a giant wave of information on the horizon, that’s all we can do to sort through the skeletons and fragments of our lives. But one of the keys to working within a Libra is moderation and balance, even when we are being pushed! Even when, and especially when, we are being submerged.

Tula Amavasya can help us achieve balance and equanimity in our lives. Even in the face of all that retrograde chaos, and even when accelerated and exaggerated by Jupiter and the Hammer of Thor. It’s like putting ourselves in the eye of the storm to regain our perspective.

What the New Moon in Libra is Really Good For:

  • Consideration for others: Treating others the way you would like you to be treated. Showing respect for others through small gestures of politeness and random acts of kindness can go a long way this season.

  • Practicing the Art of Diplomacy: There is much more to be accomplished with just a little honey, as opposed to a gallon of vinegar.

  • Open Dialogue: When we are more likely to see the other’s point of view, we are more likely to arrive at a similar resolution.

  • Consult a professional, or seek advice from an expert.

  • Working on your image: How do you want to be seen by others? And what can you do to improve your image?

  • To create beauty and harmony with others or in one’s surroundings. Sometimes simply elevating a corner of a room or adding throw pillows can make all the difference.

  • Surround yourself in art and beauty. Buy flowers, go to an art museum, get your hair or nails done. Paint that chair, hang those curtains, decorate the hall with pictures.

  • Practice balance, harmony, fairness, equality and moderation. Feeling the flood and much more. It is important for this Moon to be at the center of the storm.

The domain of Libra is over: Partnership, marriage, others. Advising and seeking advice, including legal advice. Mentorship. Mediation and Diplomacy. Charm, manners, kindness and public relations. peace and harmony. Moderation and balance. Decorators, decorators and decorations. Anything sweet and with a touch of sugar. Aesthetics, beauty and art. Hair & Nail Salon & Spa. shift. create an image. Treaties, agreements, allies and alliances. Open enemies, competitors and rivals. Interviews, debates. Justice and equality, fairness. balance. Leveling the playing field. Compromising and finding points of agreement. Looking at both sides. sense. Metabolic function and balance.

New Moon in Libra Homework: Seeing things from another person’s perspective. What’s it like to be in someone else’s shoes? What can you do to restore moderation, balance and harmony in your life? What compromises can you make to achieve greater fairness? What are the alliances in your life that complete you and allow you to grow? And which are the ones that are swaying you? What are your expectations from others and what are they from you? Ask: How can I improve my image?

Intent or Affirmation with Amavasya:

If you want to make intentions or affirmations with this moon, a good time to do so is within the new moon phase that begins with the new moon on Sept. 25, 5:55 p.m. EDT (2:55 p.m. PDT; 10:55 p.m. Greenwich time) through the Waxing Crescent Moon on Sept. 29.

  • I want to see myself striking more balance between the various responsibilities of my life.

  • Sanyam is the center where all the visions of both man and the divine meet. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

  • I am both an example and a tool for peace, love and understanding.

  • Through compromise, and willingness to yield, I succeed.

  • My goal is to fill my life with grace and kindness and walk in beauty and harmony.

  • I can get by with a lot more honey and charm than I can with a gallon of vinegar.

  • Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

  • Do I trust that I am fully guided, so that no matter which direction I choose, it is what I need.

  • When I put my trust in the well being of all, we all benefit.

  • By finding points of agreement with others, I sow balance and harmony in the world.

  • May I be at the center of the storm, exercising patience and equanimity in all things.

  • I want to see myself graciously giving and receiving in my relationships with others.

  • Can I find the best style for myself, which projects the image I want to convey to others.

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Tula new moon is in a balance between light and dark. And with Mercury retrograde until October 2nd, there is an opportunity to look back and gain a deeper understanding of what has brought us to where we are now. Once the planets become apparent again, we don’t want to carry the regrets of the past with us into the future. So the abundance of retrograde activity is the perfect time to release, let go, and achieve a healthy level of acceptance and even gratitude for our current situations. So it can happen.

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